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Laf N Jak Entertainment Presents:
Laughing Jack the Clown & Fantabulous Balloons & Decor!!!!

Laughing Jack-The self-proclaimed funniest clown in the world!!

New to the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area- Laughing Jack the Clown and Fantabulous Balloons & Decor! Let Laughing Jack make any festivity a party! Call him today at (239)603-1221 to book him for your next event!!! Let Fantabulous Balloons & Decor make your party fantabulous! Call us today at (239) 603-1221 to see what we can do!

Note: We take bookings up to 12 months in advance. If you're here today and want to book the clown for a party, please go ahead and let us know! We do prefer at least a week's notice before the party date- just time for Laughing Jack to get his stuff ready!! You can call us at (239) 603-1221 or (239) 603-3169 or Email us (Email link at the bottom of this page)!! Thank you!!!!

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Check out Laughing Jack's Bio and Photo Album!!

We're Available For: