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Spritesheets of Tesla Man

These are the spritesheets of Tesla Man that I have. Please do not use these without my permission.

Master weapons include Time Freeze, Charge Kick, Top Spin (he REALLY likes this one), Gravity Hold, Tengu Blade, Slash Claw, Flame Sword, Ice Slasher, Quick Boomerang, Ring Boomerang, Rolling Cutter, Metal Blade, Shadow Blade (likes this one for obvious reasons), Tesla Surge (not a native weapon, but heavily adapted), and finally Yamato Spear (complete with Yamato Man's entire AI... giving him a sort of multiple personality)

Edison Spritesheets:
Tesla's greatest enemy. REALLY hates it when people call him Thomas (or any derivation thereof) since it's not his real name. Uses FF-style magic. Goes by Ed or "The Bane of all Mankind." Nobody but himself calls him that last one. Yes, it's real magic, and yes, he's a robot.

If I've said you can cameo Tesla, you can cameo Edison too, unless it's a tournament. In that case I have to agree to each on an individual basis.