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Tesla Man's Sprites

Welcome to my Home Page! My name's Stephen, and my hobbies include programming, talking about lasers, and most importantly, spriting! In case you don't know what spriting is, it's the creation or editing of pixelated still images such as the kind used in video games (Final Fantasy 1-6, Mega Man series games, etc.). Most of the work I've done on sprites has been specifically for my character Tesla Man, a "scratch" sprite based off the Mega Man from Mega Man 7. If you also don't know what "scratch" sprites are, they're sprites which are made without using the parts of another sprite as either a starting point or part of the finished product. In Tesla's case, I put a Mega Man pose next to him for visual comparison, but created the sprite itself pixel by pixel.

So, here are a couple sheets I made:

The rest are here
Contact me for requests (either custom sprites for you or a cameo for my own characters) by:

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