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Kirby's Laboratory

Kirby is smart because

My Favorite Web Sites

Rainbow Resort
The master of comics: Pishi
Good Earthbound site:

Hello there! I'm a crazy kirby fanatic! My name is Brandon. I'm 13, as of now, and my Kirby comics were inspired by Pishi and the whole gang at evilness + cuteness = Kirby! Comics are updated daily, so check them out! Join Kirby, the well profound genius, Doo, his humble assitant, Metaknight, his bodyguard, King Dedede, who can't help it but hit some things, and many, many more. Right when this site started, I had 18 Kirby comics. My goal is to get 1, or 2 out a day. I hope you become a regular visitor! Explore my site, and have fun! Kirby, Waddle Doo, Metaknight, Heavy Lobster, King Dedede, Kine, Super Metroid backgrounds, Samus, Ridley, and all other Kirby and Samus characters characters are a trademark of Hal Laboratories/ Nintendo.