FIRST APPEARANCE: TALES OF SUSPENSE #35 ("I Accepted The Deadly Challenge of Zarkorr!")




In the year 2065, machines and computers do most of the jobs for humans, including flying airplanes. Dave, a military jet-fighter, is discharged from the service for being too old. Soon after, a strange alien named Zarkorr arrives on Earth and gives an ultimatum. To be deemed "mature" by the other races, Earth much choose one pilot to manually fly to Mars. This will show that mankind is ready to be welcomed into the Galactic Federation.

As most of the rockets are computerized, Earth must rely on Dave, the only pilot still able to manually control a ship. He succeeds and Zarkorr states that when humans reach the stars, they will be welcomed. Shortly after he disappears, Dave is re-enlisted and promoted, as the military now wants to insure that the "old" methods are maintained. His plan a success, Dave secretly destroys the Zarkorr costume, the entire thing an elaborate hoax.

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