FIRST APPEARANCE: STRANGE TALES #90 ("Orrgo, The Unconquerable")


DEFENDERS (Vol. 2) #9-10


Orrgo, but one member of an entire alien race, arrives on earth to display his superior powers over humans. With great telepathic and telekinetic abilities, Orrgo succeeds in taking over the world in a matter of little time. Succeeding in putting humanity under his mental powers, he returns to the place he first arrived, a circus. Needing rest, Orrgo falls asleep. Unbeknownst to him, one of the circus's residents, a gorilla, escapes and, recognizing Orrgo as the reason he is not being fed properly, strikes and kills the alien. The invasion is called off, as the remaining invaders assume humans have defeated their brother.

Much later, The Headmen revive Orrgo (who wasnt dead, just inactive), and use him in their plans for world domination. However, the group is defeated by The Defenders, and the heroes convice Orrgo that it is in his best interests just leave Earth rather than fight him.

NOTE: During the last adventure, a flashback is shown of Orrgo fighing Bloodstone in a prehistoric setting. How this fits into his coming to Earth much later is undetermined.

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