When David Hartnell is given the assignment in his architecture class to write about the gargoyles adorning buildings everywhere, his research turns up few leads on their origins. He learns though, that a tribe of lamas in Tibet know the origin, so he flies to Tibet. Entering a massive stone structure in a hidden valley there, David encountered Gorgolla, a giant stone-like creature. Gorgolla revealed that he was the leader of an army of similar creatures that came to Earth long ago, and posed as gargoyles to learn humanity's weaknesses.

His plot uncovered, Gorgolla opts to begin his domination plans, releasing the rest of his army from suspended animation. However, his plan backfires when, instead of attacking humanity, they fly back to him and attack him. They tell David that in the centuries they've watched humanity, they've come to learn about love and charity, and can't stand to see that end. They tell him they will remain on Earth, in their roles as gargoyles, as protectors of mankind.

Sometime later, another member of Gorgolla's race, Granitor, struck against earth, only to be defeated by IT The Living Colossus and Fin Fang Foom.

In an alternate reality, Gorgolla was one of several aliens and monsters summoned by the villain Jack O' Lantern to attack the world. The creatures were defeated by a group of supernatural crusaders.


This is quite possibly the most asinine of any of the Kirby Monster plots. Hands down. No one knows who attached gargoyles to buildings? Wouldn't the original architects be kinda ticked that those things just "appear" on their works? And if I EVER get a college class that requires me to go to a forgotten part of Tibet so I can finish a 10-page paper, I'm finding a new major.

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