THOR #379 (Note: this appearance was actually Thor's nemeis THE MIDGARD SERPENT, using FFF's look as a disguise)
IRON MAN (Vol. 1) #261-264, 268, 271-275
IRON MAN (Vol. 3) #16-18
MARVEL ACTION HOUR: IRON MAN #1 (Non-continuity appearance)
JLX UNLEASHED! (Non-continuity appearance, as FIN FANG FLAME)


A young Chinese man named Chan Liuchow sought to aid his country's ways in non-military fashion, and during his studies of old legends, realized he may be able to. When he learned of an invasion from Russia, Chan found and broke into an ancient tomb. There, he found the slumbering Fin Fang Foom, and used an herb to awaken him.

Chan then led the monster straight into the Russian camp, where the dragon destroyed everything in sight before chasing Chan back to the tomb, where the man tricked Foom into taking a second herb, which put him back to sleep.

The evil Dr. Vault then reawakened the monster, taking control of it in hopes of making it battle IT The Living Colossus. However, Vault soon lost control, and Foom helped IT battle the stone warriors of Granitor. Briefly, Vault regained control over the dragon, and it battle IT before being electrocuted back to its senses. It then swam off to its homeland.

During the following absence, Fin Fang Foom's appearance was appropriated by The Midgard Serpent, who used the disguise to seek Thor, and upon finding him, shed it.

A cult called the Fellowship, led by a fanatic named Reeve, called forth Foom to use in their arcane rituals. An opposing group of supernatural warriors, the Legion of Night (led by Omen, and including Chan Liuchow) tried to stop them, but did not reach the cult in time before a member, Hildreth, had begun to mate with Foom. However, one of the Legion members killed Foom's spawn (it was instantaneously conceived, apparently). The Legion promptly drove off Foom. (Legion of Night #1-2; NOTE: Several things to point out on this tale. First, it was published after the following Iron Man tale, but it fits in continuity better here. Also, regarding the mating with a human: Extensive use of "Dreaming" is involved in the supernatural powers of the characters, so I have no idea how much of this part of the story is "real" and how much takes place on a mystical plane of existence.).

The Mandarin and Chen Hsu found and awakened Foom yet again. In the ensuing chaos, Foom was confronted by both Iron Mans (Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes). However, the situation turned out to be a plot by Hsu, who revelead not only that Foom was only one member of an alien race that landed on earth centuries ago, but that the rest were disguised as humans. He called forth the rest and they shed their mortal skins, and Hsu himself revealed he was one of the dragons.

Mandarin realizes that his rings came from the spaceship the dragons had crashed onto earth with. Using the Mandarin's rings and his armor's full power, Stark managed to cause a massive explosion, apparently destroying the dragons. (Iron Man #261-275 various issues).

Much later, small-time shiplifter Billy Yuan was mentally compelled to steal a dragon-shaped statue from a collectibles store. The statue bonded with him, and turned him into a human-sized dragon-creature, which soon battled Iron Man (Stark). During the battle, the Billy/Dragon-Creature called forth thousands of lizards from the New York sewers, bonding with them and reforming the Dragon-Creature's true form, that of Fin Fang Foom.

However, Billy's mind remained inside Foom's body as well, and struggled for control. At a crucial moment, Billy took over, and let Foom's body take the brunt of a massive attack from Iron Man, knocking Foom unconscious (but also causing Billy's mind to fade out permanently). Foom was handed over to the U.S. Navy and Sunset Bain for safekeeping. (Iron Man vol 3 #16-18)

Foom somehow freed himself (or was let go) from Sunset Bain's custody, and was one of several monsters present on the Mole Man's Monster Island when the Justice League converged there seeking one of twelve lost items of power. Along with the other creatures, he was beaten by the dimension-hopping team. (JLA/Avengers #1)

In the Almagam-Universe caused by the superhuman Access, Fin Fang Foom was merged with Brimstone, and in this reality was called Fin Fang Flame. The Hellfire League of Injustice called this creature forth to do battle with the JLX, who defeated him after a hard battle (JLX Unleashed #1).

In yet another alternate reality, Foom is part of a legion of villains called forth by The Mandarin, and briefly encounters Iron Man and the Force Works team (MAH: Iron Man #1).


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