where daydreams become reality

Lost in lovely daydreams
of things that may never be
Simply due to my timid nature
my emotional stupidity
Such wonders before me that I see
I strive to make them reality
Success is a mere step away
or so it seems
Can I push beyond myself?
Or will it all forever be
naught but wistful dreams...?

welcome to Wistful Dreams. you can read my finished works-in-progess here, which usually are on their fifth draft or so, and definitely not on their final draft. Please place all comments in the appropriate guest book, or email them to me at lilac_thefaintingqueen@hotmail.com. thanks.

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To all readers of The Golden Seashell: No, I have not abandoned the story. And no, part five is not where it ends. My life just exploded after part five was finished, and it has only gotten more complicated now that I'm in college and working. But part six has been contemplated many and hour and I'm hoping to go back to it someday. So...it might be here someday. No promises. Thanks for reading! ~Lilac

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