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Hello, as you probably have figured out, my name is Kimberly Lea. I created this web site to allow more people to become familiar with who I am. I am currently living in Florida and pursuing a career in entertainment and real estate renovations. i hope to one day possibly become "my own boss" and own a spa as well...heck- what girl wouldn't!!

May 2006

I just have to say that house and 24 are my 2 favorite shows of all time! Jack Bauer is my hero and he can rescue me anytime, and House can review my case if I ever end up sick (as long as his colleges are around too) but last night, they merged!!! Cutty was saying that there was a level 3 threat to to country and House's response was OOOOHHH, Did you call Jack Bauer?! That, my friends, is good television!!!

May 2006

Well, this month I expect to be a life changing month. God is really dealing with me in certain area's and He is prompting me daily on what steps and what faith I need in order to accomplish what HE would have for me. Believe me, it isn't easy, but I know God is holding my hand throughout the whole process. I am reading the book Prayer of Jabez and I am learning that if prayer is our way of talking to our heavenly father, then we should talk to him and tell him our needs and wants... but also, that when things don't seem to be going "our" way, or when something seems too big to ask for, that is when God is glorified the most. I want Gods hand to touch my life in a miraculous way daily... I want every step to be His.

I was watching a movie last night called Elizabethtown and felt like I saw myself in Claire. I learned a lot from that character. She had a lot of amazing qualities like having a huge heart, being eternally optomistic and persistent, but you could tell at times that she wanted more out of life. Helping her friend through the loss of his father opened both of their eyes to truly living and what is important in life. Neither one had all the right answers, but they relied on each other to help them take the small steps to a life fulfilled. Thats what I want to do... follow God in the direction He wants me to go so that one day, I can look back and see how far we have come.

January 2006

Well, I finally remembered how to edit this page again... so here I am. So just to update everyone on where I am at in life... I am a dolphin trainer at Sea World of Orlando in the new show Blue Horizons. It is an amazing show and every day that I go in and get to "play with the dolphins" or best of all teach the whales a new behavior- it is undescribable. I had the awesome opportunity to share that experience with some very close friends of mine when there actually was a swim program with the whales, and the reason that was so great is because I shared a piece of my heart then. I feel like the luckiest girl on earth when kids and adults alike, leave with tears in their eyes and a smile on their face. The funny thing is, i designed this site a while ago and picked out the homepage picture just cause i liked it, and now it totally represents the show. As far as my house is coming along, i am glad to say, i am finally done. ok, i will never be completely done, but i have never felt so at home ever. I now live in the 2 bedroom house and have a roomate whom i work with and i rent out the house next door. For fun, i have been taking my jet ski out to different places and it runs like a horse! and not just any horse- like Jeremy's horse I fiberglassed the shell, taped off sections and painted it shades of blue and purple... in fact i got some special paint that changes colors with differing angles and even though i was a little skeptical about how it would turn out, it couldnt of turned out any better!

On a more serious note, This year i found out that some people I thought I would always be able to count on, had priorities that didn't include me. From 2 and a half years to 24 years, neither could see the big picture... Funny that her eyes are finally opened to my life, but closed to her own, and his i hope are finally opened to what true happiness is all about. All I can say is that I am glad that love is not depleated from my heart, when it reaches a critical level, God pours out His to fill mine up again. I hope and pray that you experience this in your life. I am going a few places this year including a cruise to mexico, a trip to Atlanta to see the new Georgia aquarium and their whale sharks!! and possibly Las Vegas to see the only 2006 date in the US for Depeche Mode. Don't know where the money will be coming from, but I do know I will be living... no- LIVING life this year... Hope you will be too... Thanks for reading and remember to keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I am right now for all who read this! God Bless...

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