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Name: Pregnant Defences

Size: 54K

Author: kha zang

Player(s): 6

Brood War Needed: No

Description: One day Barbie and Ken are having sex, (you are the pill) kill ken's sperms while he is cuming on barbie part, Warning this Map is for 15 of age or over to play this map. Many situation Containing sexual activity.


First secret code of the game: cab and Ecstasy

How to do the code: there is a chooser during the game, using them move around to each beacon of the pills selection. First off beacon move them *Chooser* to C is which mean (pill C). The next is (Pill A) and (Pill B), and finally (Pill Ecstasy).

There is a total of 5 code, it is in the map somewhere. You have to search for it. The more secret pills u get, the easier you will win the map.