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"I have been meditating for almost 18 years now and there have been huge changes in that time. But in the last two months since I began the program, things are changing so fast it's hard to believe. Things I've been trying to get to the bottom of for ages, and really put in a lot of "work" on, are just dissolving beautifully. I seem to be seeing things so much more clearly, faster, and without the EFFORT. As far as I'm concerned the first level paid for itself in the first week and it just keeps getting better. I knew what my "problem" was intellectually but I couldn't change it or get at it. So thank you for creating this great programme and I'm spreading the word." - Judith E., Bullaburra NSW Australia


  Crystal Healing
Crystals and crystal healing. Learn about the chakra, chakra healing with crystals, crystals in different formations, polished crystals for healing, natural crystals for healing and all sorts of crystals for healing. Learn how to meditate, learn how to use crystals for crystal healing, learn how to balance the chakra, learn about aromatherapy and natural essential oils and learn about feng shui right here, right now! Our Simply Feng Shui Ebook, Meditation For Relaxation Ebook, Amazing Healing Power of Crystals Ebook, Chakra Power Ebook and Simply Aromatherapy Ebook have it all and are available at the click of a button! Also find out about feng shui elements, feng shui chi, feng shui in the home, garden and feng shui for business. Meditation, astral travel, astral projection, out of body experiences and some of the Kryon channellings are also here!


The story . . . Danish Yoga instructor Anne Kalso® made a remarkable discovery one day at the beach. As she walked barefoot in the sand, she realized that her heels were sinking lower than her toes. She also noticed that this improved her posture. Her breathing seemed easier. She felt relaxed. She felt...great.. And all because she discovered the natural way to walk. Anne's discovery inspired her to develop a new kind of shoe, with the heel lower than the toes.


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