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Samples of Graphic Design from Jessie Schueler
A.A.S. Digital Art - Genesee Community College



The Nutcracker - Fall 2003
11 x 17 Poster done for Genesee Community College play
Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator


Photoshop Montage done from a picture of my son


Advertisement to duplicate a logo from a magazine - Fall 2003
Illustration done from a childhood picture of myself
Adobe Illustrator

Advertising Class Fall 2003
Objective was to change advertisements to make them more appealing
I added the person doing yoga and slogan with Illustrator / Photoshop

Illustration for a 2-page layout ad
Illustration created in Illustrator / Photoshop
Original 2-page layout in Quark (which my professor still has at school)

Advertising Class - Fall 2004
Objective: To use the slogan "You wil be towed" in an advertisement
I enhanced a picture of my son with photoshop ( he was wearing a backpack in original picture)
and used images from to create a unique ad

Advertising Class - Fall 2004
Objective: To create an advertisement using "Keep off the Grass"
I used photoshop to enhance the photo (our jeep is really beat up)

and added images from to complete the ad

A collection of images I drew January 2004 using Illustrator
for a print that I would like to make for my home (eventually a quilt wall hanging?)

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