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The Characters


Meet the "Creachars" living in the "oshun"...


Name: Jack

Species: Jellyfish

Status: Jolly

Etc: Is a "paper bag consultunt". Likes "advenchars". His best friend is the little fish. He has a keen hat. Other power is stinging (feet).


Name: N/A.

Species: Fish

Status: Little

Etc: Only likes Jack for his keen hat, really. Makes bubbles. Offering "seeeex" sometimes.


Name: Dave

Species: Man / foot

Status: Fishermun

Etc: Foolishly puts his foot in the "Watar", hence his foot is stung alot. His foot appears more than his face.


Name: Harold

Species: Sea Enenomie

Status: Gay

Etc: He is king. That is all.


Name: Gus

Species: Gull

Status: Gullible

Etc: Will believe anything he is told. Dave likes to hit him on the head. Gus lives above the "oshun".


Name: W00t3y

Species: Gull

Status: L337

Etc: Is often seen W00ting in the air. Has a bow tie. Also lives above the "oshun".