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You wanna know more about the 'comic' Jack the Jolly Jellyfish? The 'creator'? Here you go, it's pretty boring though!!


Math is my absolute worst subject, because I have a pretty short attention span when it comes to nuumbers. Even easy Math tends to distract me... anyway, each week we get the dreaded double math. This means we get not one- but two periods of Math, the bastards. One day I simply snapped, and went crazy, and attacked a (sort of) blank piece of paper, right after flicking through my trusty Girlfriend Diary. The inspiration was a page of anagrams, "Jack the Jolly Jellyfish Jumps" being the chosen one. It had been born. Jack was drawn (with the help of my buddy Carina), and it all went downhill from there (hehe)!!

Spelling in Jack the Jollyfish is deliberate, in case you're wondering :) It's not hard to understand, because it's written how it sounds out (if you're a spaz).

I draw the Jack comics in school and take ideas from pretty much anyone and anything, and will usually use them. Some people do not understand the comic, and don't see how it's funny.. well, I'm not going to explain why you laugh at it. You either do, or you do not. I personally don't understand why people love Jack so. Perhaps it is his hat. :3



Just briefly, Becca is situated near a Nuclear Reactor and maybe that explains alot. From the picture you will notice she is blonde. That also explains alot. She has the best friends ever (smoochies) and she is 17 years old, and doesn't do very much, apart from school work, swing dancing occasionally and drawing. Torts are funny, but they are not to be eaten!!