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Welcome to the home of Jack, who is a jolly jellyfish. Enough said.




21/12/02 - Woah holy tort it's been 3 months?! I have an excuse! I don't get double math anymore!! Anyways I added 2 comics so go look! Well it's one comic technically but there's 2 parts because it was too long. I am going to see if i can learn Flash. If i succeed, I will be asking for help with voices of characters! So check back for updates on that yes! Hopefully sooner than 3 months. Oh, also added more credits and a new character (gasp), Gullible Gus! The cafépress store also was updated.

22/9/02 - There are now 3 comics up, not to mention Jack the Jolly Jellyfish merchandise! Well, hats, anyway. I've been busy as of late, don't hate me!!! I have moved servers because it's easier to update it here (FTP actually works).


Etc: You can buy Jack the Jolly Jellyfish merchandise via Cafepress ( )