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Invader Zim Art

This site is entirely dedicated to Invader Zim fanart. Fancharacters accepted too. And, as with all other sites like this, Invader Zim is copyright of the ingenious Jhonen Vasquez and not me or any of you. Okay, enjoy the art!

Art by LinZ:

Sailor Zim Zim looks so...interesting in a Sailor Moon uniform.
Zim and Kae Our favorite invader, and redheaded fancharacter Kae.
Gaz and Dib...I think What happened when Gaz and Dib switched sexes...
Bia and Opi Adorable fancharacter females by yours truly.
Rez and PUR Irken Invader Rez and her loveable robot PUR in green kitty pajamas.
Azure Picture from the fanfic "Past, Present, and Future"
IZ Vengaboys The I.Z. cast as the greatest pop group in the world...the Vengaboys!
Nny A monochrome drawing of everyone's favorite homicidal maniac...sort of.
Zim Complaining We know Jhonen created Zim...but did he really have to SIGN Zim??
Zim's Zoot Suit It's Zim in the 'zoot suit' I dreamt about him wearing!
GIR It's GIR trying to figure out a Rubik's Cube.
The IZ Flappers! It's Zim, Gaz, and Dib all dressed like flappers!
AQUA It's AQUA from the fanfic "Viva Laz Vegas!".
Zim and Opi Zim and Opi are at the dance...need I say more?
Zim and Rez Zim and Rez in little Catholic school girl uniforms.
Shaodow Picture from the fanfic "The Other Darkness".
The Tallests What Red and Purple would look like in their street clothes...
Tallest Red A neat drawing of Red in a leather jacket.
Zim as a French Maid Zim is dressed like a French's disturbing (and GIR eats a lollipop).
My Custom Zim Sincerest apologies for turning Zim into this freak.
Opi A REALLY big picture of Opi.
Rez and PUR again Rez in a cutesy little sundress...and PUR is there too.
Rez in a Uniform It's Rez in a little uniform toga dress...thingy.
Zim A REALLY big picture of the one of Opi.
Dib This picture sucks so bad, I'm ashamed to admit that I drew it.
Kung-Fu Bia I just drew this quickly...a picture of Bia kicking.
Zim and his Girls Zim's quite the ladies' man, eh?
Invader Freddy My new fancharacter Freddy, a.k.a. "Ddy"...does he not look just like Orlando Jones??
PUR It's PUR eating corn!!!
Cupcakes Rez, Zim, GIR, and PUR...awwsies, GIR is putting a cupcake down the back of Zim's pants!
Ed-Zim It's Ed from "Cowboy Bebop"!
Invader Sar My fancharacter Sar...the Tallest who never was.
Ddy again The Irken from the's DDY again!
Dib's Thongs ...need I say more?
Zim Cheers! Zim as a cheerleader (implants included!).
Zim vs. Street Fighter Zim matches wits with Konami Street Fighter vixen Chun-Li.
Jhonen Caricature This one turned out kind of bad because it's so sketchy.
Battle GIR GIR in battle mode, doing a roundhouse kick (everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting...)
Xevron (I didn't know where else to put this) It's a drawing of Xevron, owner/creator of
Short Shorts Who wears short shorts (not Yaoi).
Rez Sitting It's Rez, sitting on Zim's back.
Devil Zim in a little Devil suit!
GIR Gypsy GIR as a gypsy (like that Esmerelda chick...the Disney version).
Rez Orb Rez holding up this orb thingy.
Disco! Zim looks liek he just came out of the Sunshine Band!
Sar Again Another drawing of Sar...he's sitting.
Zim's Radio Zim's hosting a radio show?
Zim Centaur Zim's a centaur.
Twins If Zim and Dib were Siamese twins...
Rose Zim's glasses are rose-tinted.
ZTHM Zim the Homicidal Maniac (in vibrant shades of black and white!).
Hungry Like The Wolf GIR is hungry...haha.
Johnny Picture of Johnny...his hair got a little crazy...

Jhonen art:

Rapper Jhonen Jhonen a...a rapper? Woah, too much Baby Got Back...
Jhonen Vasquez It's a monochrome drawing of everyone's favorite cartoonist/comic artist.
The Horrid I.Z. Dyslexia Zim and Jhonen switch ensembles...I apologize to Jhonen for making him look like a female.
Choking Jhonen is choking Zim...need I say more?
Jhonen and Company Awww...look how much Zim and his friends love Jhonen!
Jhonen Doll You know those web Dollz? I made one of Jhonen!! EEE! (His head is lopsided)
Invader Zim Sailors It's the cast of I.Z. and Jhonen too as the Sailor Scouts.
Custom Jhonen A drawing of my style of cartoons...
Jhonen Bunny Jhonen in pink bunny pajamas...with feet too! Imagine him wearing this at a comic convention...
Shadow Jhonen A shadowy the Nny picture with him holding the knives...almost...
Jhonen "Realistic" drawing of Jhonen.
Caricature A caricature (kind of) of Jhonen.
Another Caricature This is a REAL caricature.

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