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John Isaacson

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comic - "Eucalyptus"
comic - "Shape shifter"
comic - "Shape shifter" (cont'd)
comic - "Water Balloons"
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12/15/03 I just dropped off Suzanne AGAIN to go to France. Anyway. More new comics have been added and there will be new artwork and t shirts soon. 10/08/02: I just dropped Suzanne off on a plane to China and it's bumming me out. I just finished BATTLEBEASTS AND BATTLERAPS, a new comic book featuring battlerapping half shark half robot superhuman superheros. Order direct: $2.00 to John Isaacson at 3022 Fulton St. Berkeley, CA 94705. Or check any of the locations listed below: 11/20/02: I just finished a comic book called CARTOON ANIMAL CHANNELS. You can find it at the following locations: Dog Eared Books: 900 Valencia St., San Francisco, California *** Bound Together Bookstore: 1369 Haight St., San Francisco, California *** Booksmith: 1644 Haight St., San Francisco, California *** Comic Relief: 2138 University Ave., Berkeley, California *** Cody's: 2454 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, California *** Dr. Comics & Mr. Games: 4014 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California *** The Book Den: 11 East Anapamu St., Santa Barbara, California *** Buffalo Records: 24 West Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, California *** Chicago Comics: 3244 N. Clark, Chicago, Illinois *** Quimby's: 1854 W. North Ave., Chicagio, Illinois *** Beyond Comics: Lakeforest Mall, 701 Russell Ave., Gaithersburg, Maryland *** The comic book is $3 to: John Isaacson 3022 Fulton St. Berkeley CA 94705 Estados Unidos