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Inuyasha Rp Characters

Quick Qoute:

If you think I made this backround, you're an idiot. I got this from the Creator of Megatokyo, Fred. he 0\/\/|\|z j00 411. and these signs, (!), (?), mean something, ! means a new character, ? means it might chnage very soon.

Samuski/Kuniko(don't call her Kuniko unless you wish to die)

Hair Color/Style: She has silver hair tipped with gold. her hair style is loose and goes halfway down her back.

Eyes: She has green eyes with a hint of silver

Ears: She has orange fox ears poking out from her silver hair.

Clothes: She wears a kimono patterned with cherry blossoms over a dark red shirt tied with a blue sash. she also wears a very small cape she made herself woven with strands dipped in demon's blood(absorbs some priest magic.)

Jewelry: She holds no Jewelery unless I say she does, she only has one thing, a shard of the Shikon Jewel

Weapons: She only has two weapons, a weak human made Katana, and well crafted darts. the darts are color coded, and she carries around an antidote for the Black one, which will kill a human within a day, making their blood burn themselves alive slowly. The silver ones only put people to sleep. and last, the Orange darts only give whoever gets hit by them extreme pain for a few minutes.

Updates: Samuski Now Thinks Kumo (c below) is dead. Miroku tried to pull Samuski into his wind tunnel which she only barely got away from. She believes this because Kumo was out cold when Miroku opened the wind tunnel up, and she couldn't Find him after words when she knew they had all left. When she found a torn part of his shirt on a jagged rock in the clearing, she swore on everything she was and believed in that she would find and kill Miroku.

History: I'm not going to make you read her history, if you really want to, I left it here.


Hair Color/Style: She has silver hair tipped with gold. her hair style is loose and goes to her shoulders. she has a small pony tail, and the tied up hair goes down to her butt.

Eyes: She has bright blue eyes with traces of silver

Ears: She has golden brown Fox ears poking out of her silver hair.

Clothes: She has on a red Kimono tied with a blue sash, and wears a green shirt underneath. that's when she isn't in battle. underneath she has tight silk clothing covered with armor.

Weapons: She usaully tries not to hold many weapons, but one consists of a human crafted Katana. She can create her own whip however, somthing her 'little sis' never could find out how to do.

Updates:She's new dang it!

History: All that is known about Umeko, is that she strangly looks like Samuski. That and she and her brother, Kisho, is looking for Samuski, off to stop her from attacking the villages. Samuski and Umeko seem to have a score to settle.


Hair Color/Style:long orange hair tied back up in a pony tail, and very fuzzy right after the tie. (?)

Eyes:light violet with small traces of blue

Clothes: very baggy shirt way too big for him. the sleeves are torn up to his forearms, and the shirt goes a bit below the knees. the pattern on the shirt can't be seen because of all the dirt and some traces of blood on it. As well as a green pair of pants, these, actually fit him.(?)

Weapons:Isilme, the moon Loving Katana that grows stronger in the moonlight. so powerful is this sword when moonlight touches the blade, it becomes as powerful as the great Tetsusaiga. however, when the blade is stolen, it grows several times heavier, trying to slow down the thief so the real owner can retrieve it.

Updates:(?)Kumo greeted Kagome and the others one day while Inuyasha was off in the forest lost in his thoughts. Kumo tried to take the The Shikon Jewel shards away from Kagome, but got hit by a paralizing poison from a half demon that was with them that day. Kumo blacked out from the pain and Samuski rushed in to help him, maybe a bit too violently. Miroku had shouted to the others to back away and opened his wind tunnel up. Kumo, who was out cold, could not hear his shout and was almost pulled in himself but from a shout from Kagome, he closed it in time. Kumo was taken with them to get away from the cursing and crazed Samuski. When Kumo woke up He appoligized for trying to take the jewel, using the excuse 'Samuski made me do it.'((get it? the devil made me do it? Samuski made me do it? oh you guys are no fun...)) Inuyasha didn't buy the story and forced Kumo to reveal himself a half wolf demon. After telling them the truth about what happened(neglecting to tell them Samuski had a jewel shard) and they decided to let him go. after he had gone for a few miles, he relized he was lost, and has yet to find Samuski.

Update2!: Kumo has found Samuski, but she didn't believe it was him, thinking it was one of her siblings playing a mean trick on her. Kumo had been stabbed, twice, before he finally gave up and let Staci, a half neko demon take care of Samuski. Staci was so pissed off, that she almost killed Samuski, but let her go after making her promise not to hurt Kumo again. later that day, Kumo had a nightmare of the day back in the village when Samuski attacked. this time, the demon wasn't a nameless, featurless figure, he had seen Samuski's cold eyes, silver hair, and even sword as she killed his mother. Kumo has sworn that he'll forget everything Samuski had taught him, and to kill Samuski himself.

History:Kumo knows nothing of his past. he faintly remembers a village. and a young woman too, he has no clue who this woman is, but he often thinks of her. besides the young woman and the village, he remembers a big scary fire, and Samuski saving him. He's very hyper and will often get over things fast, even forgetting they even happened. Kumo calls Samuski mother usaully just to get her angry. Kumo often helps Samuski win her little games to win the Jewel Shard.


Hair Color/Style: silver, loose and goes down to his hips.

Eyes:Bright blue eyes with traces of silver

Ears: He has a pair of dark grey fox ears and has a silver fox tail.

Clothes: he wears a blue Kimono like Inuyasha, not made out of the hair of the fire rat. the kimono is much more tattered and worn, and you can see black demonslayer armor underneath.

Weapons: He has a simple and effective Katana which is amazingly light.

Updates: none yet baka, he's new too

History: Kisho seems more readable, maybe its because he rants and raves just a little too much. He is a half Fox demon, his mother was the fox demon, and his father was a 'Stupid bastard human who had to get himself killed.' Kisho doesn't really like the job his mother had given him and his two other siblings for training. They are to protect three of his mother's favorite villages. but as, Kisho will often qoute, 'That stupid bitch had to go nuts didn't she?! Now we're all in trouble because that damn demon had to enjoy killing humans more then protecting them!!' Now Kisho has to go out and find his little sister who ran away before their mother caught her, which may be a problem, considering his little sister and Kisho have an old score to settle.

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