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Dear Sradoman

I don’t really like religion in Runescape. In fact, I think gods are complete idiots. In Runescape I mean. I mean if I were a god I would give up to the King Black Dragon. I don’t like Zamorak. Actually I do. Yeah. I make up my mind very fast, did you know what? I mean I make a decision and stick with it. I think Runescape should have a newspaper…like a little piece of paper that says “NEWSPAPER” spalled on it. That would be great. Yeah. Or maybe it won’t. Hmm. Anyway. I don’t like religion in Runescape. I mean Zamorak is cool and all, but the other gods are just for fun. Yeah. I don’t like gods. Oh yeah about the 100k demon, since the person read the “cheat” from, it also contained another scam that if you trade a gold ring to Gypsy, you will get 300k for marrying her. I think she’s a prostitute. Cheats aren’t cool. They pretty bad, actually. Yeah. Did I mention I don’t like gods in Runescape? And I’m not going to care enough to spell some opposing un-evil god’s name. Just stick with Sardoman, ok?

Zamorak and me forever

I’m a god…did you know that?