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This is my Wishlist. If you can help me out I would appreciate it.

Bone # 15 and up (I have 45-53)
Concrete: any other than original 10 issue series
Xenozoic tales-cadallacs and dinosaurs stuff
Liberty Meadows
Joe R Lansdale comics
Wynonna Earp
2nd Rocketeer series by Dave Stevens
The Path
Any of paradox press' big books other than Death, Thugs, Little Criminals, Grimm, and Unexplained

Stuff I have available to scan. If you know of something on this list that's already been done, please let me know.

Deathblow 1-12
Wetworks 1-29 plus sourcebook
Curse of Spawn 1-29
The Crow: Dead Time
The Crow: Flesh and Blood
The Crow: Waking Nightmares
The Crow: Wild Justice
The first Rocketeer series.
Spawn: the Undead 1-4
The Mask and The Mask Returns tpbs
Ghost stories TPB with Dark Horse "Ghost" character
Alan Moore's Lost Girls 1&2 (The series remains incomplete to this day)
Spawn/Wildcats 1-4
Captain Stern 1-5 (Wrightson)
James Robinson's short run on Wildcats vol 1
How much of Savage Dragon has been done? I know Zomer has the first ten issues in his early image pack.