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My Mom

My Dad


Hong Guan has a happy family of four. They live in a flat in Yishun Estate. They had been staying there happily for many years. His family consist of father, mother, and a younger brother.



Go to fullsize image My Mom is a very caring and friendly housewife. She is a very considerate woman as she had made a choice to give up her work as a clerk to take care of us when I was in primary one. To nurture Hong Guan and his brother into better person, she often think that her sacrificed was worthwhile. She often care for others than herself, she often cook delicious food for us and would never cook those food that we dislike. Not only that, she also love to share her homely baked cake with her neighbor. Neighbors often praised her as a very considerate woman. with such a good mother, Hong Guan was fortunate indeed.



singapore25.jpg (26490 bytes) My Dad is a fit and well-built guy and he often take healthy meals. He works as a welder  in sembawang shipyard. He works almost everyday in a week. He hardly spent time with us as he is busily working. Although he was strict at times, I often take him as my role model.



Go to fullsize image Hong Guan also had a younger brother who is now studying in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. He is currently studying in Secondary 4 Express. He is pursuing her GCE 'O' Level this year. Hoping to enter a good institutes next year, he promise to prove his very best.

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