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"Springtime Hedgehog activity after long, hard Winter!"

Hello and Welcome to this Update for Spring, 2010! As I write this now in early-May, we are just in the process of completing the release back into the Wild of our current over-Wintered charges - and I am delighted to say that during the WHOLE Winter (late-December to late-March), we achieved 100 % survival success! This is comparable, according to our own records, to the Winter of 2005/'06 and others. In combination to a lot of hard work involved - between our main base and all of our wonderful Volunteers - the late-born "hoglets" have to be kept indoors, otherwise considering the cold Winter we have just had, it would have been very unlikely that all of the hedgehogs survived! This is especially so because of illnesses the hedgehogs came-in to us with. We've given everything we have got to get to the level that we have reached, so A HUGE THANK YOU, to you ALL!!!  


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