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Update: 2175 - OMG!!!! Has anyone noticed how I don't ever update this site? I have. I've actually thought about it a lot. I have decided to trash it. Completely. So my next new goal, since all I do is sit around, is to redo this site, and get off the evils that is angelfire. So, come back later, like in a week or two, and I will have new pictures, and less OLD pictures that I am too ashamed of to show anymore. That will make me feel better, and thus you MUST feel better too! Logic is great. Au revoir!

4234 - A picture of Generation X cast, the ones that are alive now anyways, in Colour section. And the New New Mutants. The one that began in 2003, the current one. four of the characters. Funny, sorta. Check it out.

444 - There. A bagillion new pics, in all sections. Updating on the bio, and all that jazz. Finally.

434 - Hey. I almost forgot about this place. Just kidding. I know no one checks this place, but I'm gonna scan some stuff, (I've got a lot of pictures to scan) and perhaps update soon. Yeah.

1073 - Wow, an update. 23 new pictures, most in sketches except one in color. Enjoy and check them out.

533 - more pics in sketches. 3 in total.

4103 - more in each section. that's all.

3213 - An XStatix picture under sketches and you see the random Mmm... Cookies pics. More of those coming soon. You can find them all under the Me section.

3193 - Two more pics, and more on the way. File them under S for sketches.

353 again - Fine, I drew some more. Another pic of Rin, she's really fun to draw. And one of Zorro acting like Rin, and another normal mad one. All in sketches.

353 - Ok, I put in some more pics in each section including a pic of my girlfriend and of Rin from Breath of Five V. Actually two pics of her. And more in my bios.

2263 - Umm, I cleaned up the bio and sketches area. Now with thumbnails. Haha.

2213 - Even more pics. In the sketches section. 7 in total.

2203 - A lot more pics in every section. And cleanup stuffs too. Enjoy.

2113 - 3 more pics in the sketches section. Man, I haven't drawn anything but sketches lately.

213 - Another pic in the sketches section.

1163 - Bunch of new pics under sketches. They are all actually really old though, so I put them at the bottom, but I finally got around to scanning them. They are there if you want them.

12132 - Two new pics. One of me, that doesn't look like me, in my bio page. One in the sketch page of my girlfriend that doesn't look like her either. Enjoy not looking at us.

11262 - This is my (Hawke's) art area. Since I put all my art up on my Zorro and Ester page it was good. But now I need a new place to put it, cause I am running out of space and am too cheap to buy a .com address with lots of space. (Although I am thinking about it. So if you are interested in either giving me money to do so, or just think it would be a good idea, drop me a line.) But now back to work getting the pictures here. Caio and all that stuff.

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This is my website. Everything here just so happens to be my fun stuff that I, being the boring artist I am, decided to put up. If you don't like it, deal. You don't have to be here, you know. No one is making you. Also, any resemblence to characters, fictional or actual, is entirely coincidental, unless otherwise stated. If you have a problem, or wish to speak with the great me, email me here.