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12/24/02 New Stuff besides episodes...

Hey boys and girl and adoring fans. I'm working on a christmas episode but before that gets the ol' release thought I'd do some work on the website. I cleaned up the Nav bar up top and added a link to the new message board. So now you can all talk to eachother about how much you love this little webcomic. Anyway Merry Christmas and remember, no matter what the holidy, Gub and Donut love you!

12/13/02 The Plight of the bored and lonely

Well folks, Episode 15 is now up and ready to entertain you. And as I'm sure will please many, Toaster McPhealy makes his reappearance after being gone for, I don't know, a couple episodes. You might be wondering what it is he is doing. Well this episode was spawned from my own boredom, and wondering what our well known Posttoaster would do when he was bored. So I pictured a Toaster, upside down, using its bread flinging action to launch itself up into the air, over and over again. Picture this and all will be clear. But anyway, knowing that its not really popular unless I try too hard, I've given up on the whole voting thing, so ya know, vote if you feel like it, shake it if you got it, and keep reading new episodes when they appear. Gub and Donut love you!

11/22/02 My brain is dripping out my ear

Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, Episode 14 is down right nonsensical. Maybe its because its currently 2:21 am eastern standard time. Maybe its because I forgot to drink my creative juices this morning, who knows. But you know what, I like it. And I must point out that the tree that shows up for only one frame is proof that they actually are walking and that I didn't just copy and paste the same frame over and over again. But how Aich missed the hole but Donut fell victim to it, one will never know. And more importantly, Aich didn't even warn donut it was coming...huh...some friend he is....anyway, no matter how little sense they make, Gub and Donut love you! (!)

11/11/02 The Funniest thing you ever did see

Well, I haven't yet made a new episode, and I've decided to make Aich a little more crude from now on, just drawing him free hand instead of trying to use blocks. but as for the title of this post it is referring to this ----> Rejected I ran into this video a little while ago and considered it funny enough to waste hosting space on, its probably not a permanent thing but of course all credit goes to some guy named Don Herdzfeldt and Bitter Films check 'em out here ---> BUt I hope to one day own a business and get Mr. Herdzfeldt to do commercials for me, thats how gall dern funny it is. Oh yeah, and send me e-mails! I want some sort of fan mail/hate mail come on now! Anyway, catch ya later, and Gub and Donut love you!

11/3/02 What can I say? I've run out of witty news titles...

Well, the new episode is up and it introduces aich finally. I gotta say though, that I think gub, at least, is especially crude this episode and I didn't feel like redoing him cuz that takes a long time and I'm lazy. Well you shuld vote for G & D on top web comics if you like 'em, cuz it helps get the word out. Well, vote for the new poll and remember, Gub and Donut love you!

10/31/02 I'm on a roll!!!

Look at me go everybody! Just like old times! Anyway, the first holiday G & D ever! we're making history here. Anyway, I decided to make this one cuz I thought of the idea and it made me laugh, even though I'm not that big on halloween. But anyway! I'd like some encouragement! Feedback! What have you! So talk to me! Sign my guest book if you haven't! if you have, E-mail me! I don't care I just like hearing from you guys. What you like what you don't, etc...hahahahaha ENOUGH! okay and remember! Gub and Donut love YOU!

10/30/02 Brace yourself!!!

Holy poop! Bet you never thought the day would come! Well here it is, Gub and Donut raising their heads high to once again make their triumphant return. Sorry it took so long but its my comic so, bleh! no I'm just busting your balls! Here you'll see I've added an image to illustrate the current status of Gub and Donut ---> Image! And never forget! no matter how long gone, Gub an Donut love you!

9/13/02 Almost ready, just a couple more minutes!!

I know all you loyal fans are whining about no new episodes but they're on their way, I'm working on one right now! don't know when it'll be done but t will, sometime, I promise...

8/13/02 Get back in the kitchen

I know I haven't made any new comics but stop yer whinin I'm working on it. umm...oh yes...about the name poll. I wanted to stop it when there were fifty votes but so far there's only 37. So if you haven't voted, or you're new or whatever, VOTE FOR A NAME!! I need some more votes. I guess I could just close it now but I'd feel all dirty inside. But anyway, keep voting for good ol' G and D on Top Web Comics. And remember, Gub and Donut love you!

8/11/02 Movie reviews by me

Well I'm happy again, though I haven't made any new comics. Don't worry! They're coming! But yes, uhh...not much to say. Except I saw some movies recently, XXX isn't that great, its really just Vin Desiel Running around with everything blowing up in his wake. I saw blood work too which was good but would have been better watching at home on a rainy day. Well those are my movie reviews. Gub and Donut Love you! Later!

8/9/02 Happy Friggin Birthday...

Well Today is my 18th birthday even though its been the worst birthday I've ever had for reasons I care not to discuss. But I made a little Happy BIrthday to me episode to try and cheer me up. I guess it worked a little but ya know. Anyway, thats all I really have to say. Keep voting, thanks for all your support everyone. And even if I'm having a bad day Gub and Donut still love you...

8/8/02 Three times in one day? Thats just weird...

Well yes I know but I wantd to speak a little on Episode 9 that just got put up there. This one should be funny for just about everyone. Those who don't find the zany pirate ship idea funny, can just look at Donut. I mean, first he's fishing with a pole in his hole, then he pif's away and re-appears wearing an eye patch over his hol and a parrot on his top that is apparently plastic. Either way its funny. But in 15 minutes it will be midnight, making it the 9th, which will make me 18. So Happy Birthday to ME!! oh yeah and Gub and Donut love you, but only if you vote for them...BLEH!!

8/8/02 Let's Do it AGAIN!!!

I just put up Episode 8: For Your Intertainment! Now, in case you're stupid, Entertainment is purposely spelled wrong to jokingly pretend to avoid copyright infringement of the store FYE: For Your Entertainment. As is the just a little bit messed up spelling of the movie. It is, however, the first gub and donut illustrating something that actually happened to me! ha, well kind of. Well, the conversation that Gub and Donut are "having" is kind of what happened only I didn't actually buy the dvd. And the guy I talked to wasn't quite that oddly corpulent, but ya know. Anyway, KEEP VOTING!!! G and D is moving up the list like nobody's business! Well, I love you all and remember, So do Gub and Donut!!!! Oh yeah and E-mail me about the Fan comic thing I still haven't gotten any.

8/8/02 Even internet cartoonists have lives...sometimes...

I spent all of yesterday at a water park with my girlfriend so progress was somewhat haulted. I started episode 8 last night but ya know, I got tired and decided I'd finish it some other time. It is, however te first Gub and Donut that illustrates a real life experience of mine, kind of. Well KEEP VOTING!! In the last couple days Gub and Donut has jumped from 147 to 78!! I'm really happy for all the support and what not. But for now, I've got things to do! Remember, Gub and Donut love you!

8/7/02 I could stay its still the sixth, but technically...

I just finished adding the Promotions! section. If you're wondering what it is check it out. Now the Fan Comics contest is almost underway but I'm still having cold feet about it. If you're interested read about it here --> Fan Art Contest then e-mail me with the "E-mail the creator!" link up top and lemme know what you think of the idea. Anyway, Keep voting all the time for Gub and Donut on top web comics. I added another voting link in the top left for your convenience and to help overload you into voting some more. But for now, keep enjoying and remember, Gub and Donut love you!

8/6/02 I take it back

Well I lied just a minute ago and I just fixed al the links so everything works now...

8/6/02 Back on the track of production

Today I released Gub and Donut Episode 7: Super Toaster!! It was the first time in the life of Gub and donut that I put a gap of a whole day between when episodes were released. Thats okay cuz I spent most of the last two days working on this website as well as the Ninja gai site. However, neither of the links to it on this site work but there is this --> Crudely Drawn Comics We had a write in for an idea on the poll so I think I will add it and let all of you vote again in case you want to change you vote, so if you already voted just vote again, so that your own negligence won't violate the will of the people. Yesterday Gub and Donut hit 147 or something like that on! Which is just amazing, I wanna get us in the top ten so keep voting and spreading the word like wild fire! and remember, Gub and Donut love you!!

8/5/02 Sweating like I knew what I was doing...!

ah yes, the life of a web designer. I've been doing nothing but mashing code lately finally getting everything in working order. in case you didn't notice, I added a guestbook on the top of the site. Just click on the little guestbook link thing to sign it. Ah yes, also, there is a big ugly banner at the bottom of all the pages that I would like everyone to click on, it tallies a vote for Gub and donut at You're allowed to vote once per day so everyday you should say to yourself "man I love Gub and Donut, I think I'll vote for them at". I'm about to add a small polls section right above the news you are reading now to help you the reader have more fun! Well, continue to enjoy and remember, Gub and Donut Love you!

8/4/02 It has begun, upgrades and all!

Here it is boys and girls the brand spanking new and improved Gub and Donut website!! took lots of work but around midnight I finally got it done, please enjoy and vote for gub and donut at Top Web Comics! (just click the large vote banner at the bottom of this page) Well more updates are on their way so I gotta get back to work! Its all still undergoing major construction and will soon be even more grand!!!later!

8/3/02 It begins!

Today was the dawning of a new internet comic era! gub and donut were created in a freak accident involving MSPaint at 4 o'clock in the morning. Three all new episodes were released for your viewing pleasure. Please read, enjoy and tell all your friends!!

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