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About Our Communications Area

Talk with other members of GNLIB in our private chat room!

Please Note: This chat service is being offered on a trial-basis.  This room has three strong positive points:

  1. No pop-up ads (except for those associated with Angelfire).
  2. Private room.  No cross-channel chatter from other people on the Internet.
  3. Password-protection.  This ensures that only people on the GNLIB-L list have access to this room.  The password will be sent to current list members.  That message will then be deleted from the archive, so your only copy of it will be in your in-box.  Do Not Share The Password.  If someone forgets/deletes their password message, email the site administrator to request access.
  4. Capability for moderated chats.  This could allow us to have guest speakers, etc.  

Getting space on the web that doesn't have a ton of advertisements popping up costs money (to the tune of $75-$200 a year).  If the members of GNLIB-L support this room during its trial period, I may elect to continue the service.  Be aware, though: there will be a button appearing on this page that asks for donations to help offset the costs.  (Not required, but appreciated.)  For example, if 50 people enjoy using the room, and each donated $1.50/year, the cost of providing the chat room has been covered.  As you see, I'm not talking about gouging anyone, just covering costs.   There was some talk about selling t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc with the logos on them.  This is another option being considered.

Why isn't this area called "Chat Room?"  Because then every search engine in creation will be descending upon it.  "Communications" is much more innocuous. Oh, I'd also like to say that I chose ParaChat for the speech bubbles in its logo, but I didn't notice them until my wife pointed them out!  S;)

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