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The Graphic Novels in Libraries List has entered many articles on the subject of comics in libraries and been included in several websites of the genre.  

Online Articles
Beyond Superheroes: Comics Get Serious, by Stephen Weiner. (Library Journal, Feb.1, 2002)
Holy Graphic Novels, by Kimberly Hundley. (Today's Librarian, July, 2001)
An Interview with Mike Pawuk, by Andrew Goletz. (GreyHaven Magazine, date unknown).
Graphic Novels: a Picture-Perfect Way to Encourage Reading, by Kimberly Hundley. (Today's School Media Specialist,  date unknown).
Graphic Novels for YAs, by Steve Miller. (archived offisite at Booklists for Young Adults on the Web.)    (I had totally forgotten I'd written this, but this is the article that started it all.  Thanks, Maggi, for saving this one!)
What Teens Want: 30 Graphic Novels you Can't Live Without, by Michele Gorman. (School Library Journal, August 1, 2002)

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VOYA (June, 2000) - Online text not available.


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