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Update Archives

Update June 8 2001-- I have added the Triumph essay, and will soon be adding more. I don't even know if anybody has seen this site yet, 'cause I haven't gotten any mail yet!

Update August 7, 2001-Guy is dead, along with Aquaman, in JLA:Our Worlds At War #1. This sucks.

Update September 2, 2001- Sorry I haven't updated this site for a while. I had to move, and therefore my PC was down for a while. I have been keeping in touch with old Guy Gardner: Warrior writer Beau Smith. I am also planning to open two new sections on this site: one will be full of secret ideas and plans that Beau had for Guy's comic past issue 44, and one will be my new Weapon catalog, where I am going to take every weapon that Guy ever has morphed as Warrior and classify it. Both of these projects I hope to have done by the middle or end of October. Keep an eye out for it.

Update September 14, 2001- A horrible thing has happened in our country. I personally wish heroes like Guy existed a times like this, but we have our own personal heroes- the fire fighters, the policemen, the paramedics. God Bless America.

Update September 22, 2001- I just finished an interview with Beau Smith, which I am sending to Wizard, and I hope they will accept it. If they don't, I'll post the interview on this page. If they do, you'll see it in an issue of Wizard.

Update October 18, 2001- I am scrapping the planned index of every weapon that Guy has created, 'cause that'd basically be like cataloguing every single thing Kyle Rayner has made as GL. I am, however, gonna get that hidden Beau Smith stuff on, plus some really hard Guy trivia for you die-hard fans of the Guyster, and some easy trivia for you weenie-Jordan lovers.

Update November 26, 2001- I hope all of you had a shagadelic Thanksgiving. I went to Warrior's for dinner, and Guy never stopped eatin'. Then Buck and I watched some football, and I think I fell asleep after that. As you can see, I have completely retooled this entire page. So, have fun, Guy fans!

Update December 7, 2001- I added the Firebrand Home Page today, the first page on the Net completely dedicated to the three generations of heroes known as Firebrand.

Update December 17, 2001- I added the special Christmas image above for the holidays. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Update December 21, 2001- I added the section on the... ahem people that know Guy! As Kilowog said in Guy Gardner 2, "Maybe I should contact the JLA an th' rest Guy's pa..well, let's just say the people that know Guy!"

Update December 24, 2001- Well, Christmas is one day away, Merry Christmas? I added the stuff about a Guy Gardner movie. The picture of Guy's mug is a Boris Vallejo picture I changed in Paint. Pretty kewl, huh? Remember, He is the reason for the season!

Update December 26, 2001- I just added the newest link at the left. If it interests you, e-mail Beau Smith at and comment on it!

Update December 30, 2001- Here's a link to a new project by Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett- The Power Company! One of the one-shots showing the new series is about the new hero Skyrocket, and guest-stars that weenie Hal Jordan! It's also drawn by former Guy Gardner artist Joe Staton! Check it out here.

Update January 22, 2002- Sorry I haven't updated in a while, guys. I have decided to take the Gunfire page and the Peacemaker page off permanently. If you want them, e-mail me and I'll consider keeping them on. I am going to replace the Gunfire page with a secret project I am working on. Here's a clue; it's based on one of the most infamous failed crossovers ever.

Update January 29, 2002- Well ,I deleted the Peacemaker and the Gunfire page (yeah, like anyone cares) and I'm getting ready to put the new site on the Web. Anyone who can e-mail me and guess correctly will get an honorary mention on my new page (oh wow)

Update January 30, 2002- Listen to this interveiw from the Sequential Tart web site. It's with Brian Augustyn.

ST: What's the strangest thing that has ever happened to you at a comic book convention?

BA: Several years ago, while I sat at the DC booth at San Diego wearing my name badge I had a guy argue with me for ten minutes that I wasn't Brian Augustyn. He never believed me, which is just as well because he was really angry about the death of Ice in my Justice League. I also remember admiring a young lady who was dressed in a terrific super-heroine costume, only to realize that she was a he. Still, he was the best looking lady in the costume competition that year.

Update February 3, 2002-The 1,000th person came to this page today! Wahoo!

Update Februrary 16, 2001- I added the section about Guy Gardner ripoffs, and put on the new image above. I created it myself in Microsoft Paint.I also added the Gal Gardner section, with rare images from issue 42 of Guy's comic.

Update February 28, 2002- Today's my birthday! Whoopee! At the Artistic License page, the awesome artist Joe Singleton did a month based on Guy Gardner for this March! Yahoo! You rule, Joe!

Update March 3, 2002- I added the Mission Statement at left. I hope it provides a clearer objective of this page- heck, if a guy clad in skintight green with a van dyke beard and arrows and some Egyptian reincarnated with a pair of wings and a mace can get their own comics, why not Guy?

Update March 8, 2002- I added the section about Warrior's costume, and that is going to be the last update on this page for about two weeks, as I will be on vacation. But don't worry--I will be back!

Update March 27, 2002- Well, I'm back! I got some pics from Action Comics 789, and it looks like they've really done it. They've managed to pervert one of the best characters in the whole DC Comics Universe.

Man, I miss him already.

Update April 4, 2002- I added the updated appearance list. This covers some more recent appearances, i.e. 1997-present.

Update April 5, 2002- I added a page with a banner you can use on your site, if you're into Guy that much.

Update April 7, 2002- I added the section about GL 150. It seems things are going good for Guy at the moment- head over to DC for some Guy fun!

Update April 26, 2002- The, ahem, people over at good 'ol Angelfire deleted my page on Firebrand, but it doesn't really matter, since no one was visiting it anyway.

Update April 30, 2002- Things are really pickin' up for the Guyster! Check out the "He's BAAaack" page, with rare images from Action Comics #790!

Update May 15, 2001- Well, the Action Comics story arc has ended. I think some good things are gonna happen soon, though. Keep your eyes out for good Guy news!

Update May 16, 2002- I added the section about news from Guy Central. It has quite a few really awesome links that will have a big suprise for most of you.

Update May 16, 2002- I added the section about news from Guy Central. It has quite a few really awesome links that will have a big suprise for most of you.

Update August 14, 2002- I am going to completely redo all of the image galleries, so if things are missing for the next several days, don't sweat it. This site just celebrated it's one year anniversary! Wahoo!

Update September 4, 2002- I just opened the new page titled "I need images! Bad!" Which is true, if you look at this site. Go tho the page to find out exactly what I mean.

Update September 6, 2002- I added the section on Guy's new figure. Awesome! They got the big "moon boots" right and everything!

Update September 21, 2002- I added the Image Gallery. However, I need images to add, especially of Guy's enemies. Please e-mail me at one of the two addresses below with images!

Update November 26, 2002- Sorry I haven't updated this site in a while. I am working on a top-secret web project right now; once that page is launched, I will COMPLETELY OVERHAUL THIS ENTIRE SITE. That's right, I am going to re-organize, re-arrange, and re-do the whole site. So hold on to your hats, fellow Vuldarians!