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Guy Trivia- Easy (i.e. for wimps)

Alrighty, this is for all ya nancies out there.

1.Who is Ice?

A. My girlfriend

B.My dead girlfriend

C. A rapper

2. What was the color of Guy's belt as Green Lantern?

A. Purple

B. White

C. Green

3.How many times have I been in a coma?

A. Four

B. Ten

C. Three

4. Why was my gold ring blown up?

A. It malfunctioned.

B. It wasn't. It got absorbed by a supervillain named Parallax

C. It was out of power, and disconnected from the energies of Qward

5. What is my hair color?

A. Red

B. Orange

C. Orange-Red

Alright, ya wimps, if ya failed this, you can't handle the Guyster.

1 was my dead girlfriend. She died in Justice League Task Force #14.

2 was white. Honestly, what kinda real man'd wear a girlie belt? Well, Jordan, maybe...

3 is well...three. Once when a faulty power battery exploded, once when I got hit on the head (JLI 5), and once when I came back as a nice guy. Eecch.

Four was because that @#!$%$^)^! Parallax (Jordan) absorbed it. If not for him, Ice'd still be alive.

Five is orange-red, and it's all natural, ladies.