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The Triumph Examination

Triumph was a Justice League outcast with electromagnetic powers, which were never clearly defined. He was actually one of the original members of the JLA, but fell through a time rip, and was forever ( or at least until 1994 ) eliminated from the memories of the Justice Leaguers' memories. He came back in the mid-90's, having his own mini-series in 1995. He was one of the members of the ill-fated Justice League Task Force, who never had any tasks to do, and never were strong enough to be called a force. He lost his powers in the final issues of that series, and recently showed up as a villain in the pages of JLA. He is now frozen in deep freeze in the JLA Trophy Room. One asks, why? He was a well-developed character. He had cool powers and a sweet costume. But instead of rising to DC stardom, he was screwed and is currently the most hated/ignored DC character, along with Fate and Manhunter. Oh well. Maybe DC will have him sacrifice himself gloriously, or something to that effect. That's about the best anyone could do with him now.

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