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Guy Gardner: Warrior- 1993 to 1996

In 1992, Guy Gardner was one of DC's hottest properties, along with Lobo, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and Eclipso. When he lost his Green Lantern ring, he was at the height of his popularity in the pages of Giffen/DeMatties's Justice League. Unbeknownst to DC. and probably to their delight later, Guy's popularity was going to soar to new heights. When Guy lost his ring, he was important enough to DC to give him a three-part mini-series, which all go for $15 at a comics store if you're lucky. Then he got his own series! All I'm saying, is that what makes a character important enough to DC to give them their own series and hype them up? This story has been retold countless times. Valor. Eclipso. Black Condor. Black Lightning. Takion. Mister Miracle. Need I say more? This has happened over and over again. I believe that if a character is good enough to have his own title, he should deserve his own title by keeping it. The only exception to this is Guy Gardner. Gerard Jones, Will Jacobs, Chuck Dixon, Beau Smith- they all wrote great. Joe Staton, Mitch Byrd, Phil Jimenez and all the other pencillers that graced the pages of Guy's mag had awesome style. The inkers, colorists, letterers and editors all summed it up into a taste of heaven once a month. This is my point: BRING GUY BACK!!!!!! Mail this to DC. Put it up on telephone poles. Do whatever you have to. You never know- if we get together and rally to DC to bring Guy's comics back, like the guys over at the Green Lantern Corps homepage did in the pages of Wizard,-- we could get Guy's mag back!!!!!!!!!!!!