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Updated appearances list

Here are some recent appearances of Guy. To make things easier, here's a guide of different "eras" of Guy appearances.

1968(first appearance) to 1985(first rogue GL Guy)

1986 to 1992(Guy as GL of Earth)

1992 to 1994(Guy with the yellow ring)

February 1994 to June 1994(Guy in armor as Warrior)

July 1994 to September 1994(Guy in armor variant with limited morphing powers)

October 1994 to June 1996(Guy as Warrior with Vuldarian powers)

June 1996 to January 1997(Guy as Warrior, but with different costume)

January 1997 to August 2001(Guy as normal Warrior again)

August 2001 to present(Guy said to be dead, not true; Guy also shown in "Hell" in some form of disgusting monster-like apparition)

March 1968 Green Lantern #59 First Appearance

Guy's first appearance. Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of sector 2814, learns about his backup, Guy Gardner -- A Physical Education teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. He then proceeds to find out what would have happened had Guy got the ring instead of him. The story continues in a "what if" type format where Guy becomes GL. Guy follows the same type of destiny as Hal at first, but through a twist of fate lands on the planet Ghera. He teaches the children there, who never age, to stop warring with each other -- but contracts the same disease that killed the children's parents -- a Yellow Plague. before dying, he passes the ring on to Hal Jordan. Back in this reality, Hal Jordan goes in his civilian identity to make friends with Guy, and promises to keep in touch

January 1977 Green Lantern #87

Guy is injured saving a girl while on a field trip, Hal rescues him and the girl, and John Stewart replaces Guy as Hal's substitute…

May 1979 Green Lantern #116

Guy becomes a GL for the first time for real, and is injured

August 1979 Green Lantern #119

Guy appears as picture Kari looks at and puts it away

October 1979 Green Lantern #121

(2 panels)

Guy's hands reaching psychically toward Kari and later Guy's silhouette in Kari's eye

November 1979 Green Lantern #122

Guy tries to stop his girlfriend Kari Limbo and Hal Jordan from getting married while stuck in the phantom zone, while both of them think Guy is dead.

December 1979 Green Lantern #123

Guy is rescued from the phantom zone, falls into another coma.

January 1980 Green Lantern #124

(one panel) Kari pushing Guy in wheelchair with Hal talking to Kari.

January 1985 Green Lantern #184 Reprint of Green Lantern #59, Guy Gardner's first appearance What-if story of Guy having been chosen GL first

June 1985 Green Lantern #189

(one page)

Hal Jordan visits a comatose Guy Gardner

July 1985 Green Lantern #190

(half page)

Guy wakes up from his coma)

October 1985 Green Lantern #193

(three panels) Guy leaves the hospital)

November 1985 Green Lantern 194

(four pages) Guy digging up Abin Sur's grave

December 1985 Crisis On Infinite Earths begins

Green Lantern #195

The renegade Guardians, who healed him to the planet Oa brings Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan tags along the ride, but is ditched along the way. Guy is brought up to speed on the crisis happening. A short recap of his history is done. The guardian makes Guy the prophesized last Green Lantern, with a ring powered by the guardians' energies themselves. Guy is told to destroy the white spot on the moon of Qward by gathering the worst criminals in the universe together in order to end the crisis on infinite earths.

January 1986 Crisis On Infinite Earths Green Lantern #196

Guy Gardner warps time and space to bring the shark back to life to help in the crisis. The Shark manages to get away from Guy. Then goes after Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Stewart meanwhile learns from Hal about Guy being made a Green Lantern for real this time. Stewart manages to stop the Shark, and then Guy demands the shark be let free.

February 1986 Crisis On Infinite Earths Green Lantern #197

Guy Gardner and John Stewart fight, but the shark gets free. The shark goes after John Stewart, then Guy convinces the shark to work for him. They go off to get Goldface, Polaris, and others to aid them in their quest. Guy also enlists Hector Hammond - the guy with the big head and greatly powerful mind, but shuts him down for trying to appoint himself leader of the group. John Stewart and Katma then get to Guy and his gang and stop them, but Hal Jordan reappears and joins Guy's side. They then go off to Qward to destroy the white spot where the anti-monitor was born.

March 1986 Crisis On Infinite Earths Green Lantern #198

Guy, Hal, and the criminals go to Qward. Hal then changes his mind about destroying the white spot, so Guy then takes away Hal's ring, and leaves him to die in space. The GL corps, who arrive to stop Guy and his cosmic criminals, saves Hal. Guy manages to slip through, but gets stopped by John Stewart in a battle of wills. the pressure was too much for him and he collapsed. The universes are then saved from destruction.

April 1986 Crisis on Infinite Earths Ends Green Lantern #199

Villains who almost helped Guy Gardner destroy the universe are now looking for him for revenge, meanwhile Guy Gardner is in Star Sapphires palace.

May 1986 Green Lantern #200

Guy Gardner teams up with Hector Hammond and Star Sapphire in a "triumvirate of terror" to get revenge on Hal Jordan. However, when Hector Hammond fails to stop Hal, Star Sapphire and Guy Gardner are taken to Oa to face the Guardians. Guy keeps his ring, but is forced to train with Appa ali apsa; a former Guardian turned Mortal.

June 1986 Green Lantern title becomes Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern #201

(2 pages)

August 1986 Green Lantern #204

(2 pages)

September 1986 Green Lantern #205

(4 pages)

Guy Gardner tries to ditch his Guardian appointed trainer, Appa Ali Apsa, but has to get past the Green Lantern Honor Guards.

November 1986 Legends tie in Green Lantern #207

Guy Gardner vs. the Green Lantern Corps of Earth.

January 1987 Green Lantern #209

(7 pages)

Guy Gardner invades Soviet Russia

Legends #2

(3 pages)

February 1987 Green Lantern Corps #210

(13 pages)

Guy and Kilowog fight each other

Legends #4

(1 page)

March 1987

Green Lantern Corps #211

New Years & Guy gets all the GL's drunk, then Kari and Guy get drunk too.

Legends #5(13 panels)

April 1987

Legends #6(18 panels)

May 1987

Justice League (2nd Series) #1(14 pages)

June 1987

Justice League (2nd Series) #2(7 pages)

July 1987

Justice League (2nd Series) #3(15 panels)

August 1987 Justice League (2nd Series) #4(17 panels) September 1987

Justice League (2nd Series) #5(3 pages) December 1987

Green Lantern Corps #220 (1 panel] January 1988

February 1988

March 1988

April 1988

May 1988

June 1988

July 1988

August 1988

September 1988

October 1988

November 1988

December 1988

January 1989

February 1989

March 1989

April 1989

May 1989

Justice League America #26(20 panels)

June 1989

Justice League America #27(1 page)

July 1989

Justice League America #28(Guy & Ice's 1st date),

August 1989

Justice League America #29(1 panel)

September 1989

October 1989

Justice League America #31(10 panels)

November 1989

Justice League America #32(4 panels)

December 1989

Justice League America #33(Kilowog moves into JLA embassy)

January 1990

February 1990

Justice League America #35(9 panels)

March 1990

Justice League America #36(1 panel)

April 1990

Justice League America #37(25 panels Guy fights Power Girl's Kitty)

May 1990

Justice League America #38(2 panels)

June 1990

Green Lantern (1990 3rd series) begins Green Lantern #1

Justice League America #39(29 panels)

July 1990 Green Lantern #2

Justice League America #40(8 panels - Guy reacts to what is believed to be Mr. Miracle's death)

August 1990

Green Lantern #3

Justice League America #41(4 panels - Maxwell Lord's dream)

September 1990

Green Lantern #4 [2 pages]

Justice League America #42(11 panels)

October 1990

Green Lantern #5 [4 pages]

Justice League America #43(3 panels)

November 1990

Justice League America #44(12 panels)

Green Lantern #6

December 1990

Green Lantern #7

Justice League America #45(Another Guy & Ice date)

January 1991

Green Lantern #8 Justice League America #46(Intro General Glory) February 1991 Green Lantern #9 ("A Guy and his G'nort" Part 1 of 4)

Guy is made official GL of Sector 2814, while John Stewart is sent to the Mosaic world and Hal Jordan trains new GL's for the newly revived Green Lantern Corps. Guy proceeds to do good deeds throughout the world, but is annoyed by a tag-along .. G'nort - the Green Lantern dog. However, the Guardians have never heard of G'nort.. so Guy goes to G'nort's planet to find out just where in the universe the mutt got his ring.

Justice League America #47(13 panels)

March 1991

Green Lantern #10 ("A Guy and his G'nort" Part 2 of 4)

Guy and Gnort go to the planet G'newt. They end up fighting Weaponeers of Qward and clown-like aliens called the Poglachi.

Justice League America #48(10 panels)

April 1991

Green Lantern #11 ("A Guy and his G'nort" Part 3 of 4)

Guy and Gnort encounter a strange parody of the real Green Lantern Corps. The Weaponeers then take Guy and Gnort to Qward.

Justice League America #49(28 panels)

May 1991

Green Lantern #12 ("A Guy and his G'nort" Part 4 of 4)

G'nort gives up his fake GL ring to save Guy Gardner. Guy promises to put in a good word for G'nort to the Guardians in a moment of weakness.

Justice League America #50(56 panels)

June 1991

Green Lantern #13

G'nort gives Guy his favorite bone. Guy then tries to get Hal Jordan to recommend G'nort into the Corps for him, but eventually Guy asks the Guardians to make G'nort a GL of a lifeless sector somewhere. The Guardians do something else - make G'nort Guy's backup for sector 2814 because Guy needs tempering.

July 1991

Justice League America #52(47 panels)

August 1991

Justice League America #53

(17 panels) September 1991

Justice League America #54

(18 panels) October 1991

Justice League America #55(4 panels)

November 1991

Green Lantern #18 ("One Angry Guy" 1 of 1)

Guy Gardner goes after Goldface, and wreaks havoc on Kari Limbo's carnival. In the end, nothing is resolved, as Guy reaches his breaking point and wonders about his life.

Justice League America #56(27 panels, Guy's middle name of Darrin revealed)

December 1991 Green Lantern #19

Guy, Hal, and John go after the first GL - Alan Scott.

Justice League America #57 (1 panel)

January 1992 Green Lantern #20 (3 panels)

Justice League America #58 (15 panels)

February 1992 Justice League America #59(9 panels)

March 1992

Justice League America #60(10 panels)

April 1992

Justice League America #61

May 1992

Green Lantern 24 (6 pages)

Justice League America #62

June 1992 Green Lantern #25 ("Who will be Earths Green Lantern?")

The Justice League watches as Guy and Hal Jordan fight. Hal manages to beat Guy. Guy then gives up his ring and claim to GL of sector 2814 once again to Hal. This is Guy's last time as a member of the GL Corps.

Justice League America #63(Guy quits League)

July 1992


Guy Gardner reflects on his past, and tries to think of a way to get more power. He then gets the idea to go to Qward and get his very own yellow ring, just like the one made for the renegade GL (there sure are a lot of those, come to think of it,) Sinestro. He then tricks G'nort ,the Green Lantern dog to create a ship for him. Guy then sets out to Lobo's planet.

August 1992

#2: Lobo and Guy fight, then Guy convinces Lobo to work for him in order to get the yellow ring. They go to Qward and beat up some Qwardians. Then they go to Oa, along with the entire army of Qward.

September 1992

#3: Guy slips out of the battle on Oa to head to the Oan crypts. He then finds the yellow ring still on Sinestro's hand.. John Stewart then tries to stop Guy, but Sinestro controls his body. Sinestro and Guy have a battle of wills over the ring, and Guy wins. Guy then uses the ring to stop the Qwardian army from taking over Oa. Lobo demands he be given the ring as payment, but Guy claims that Lobo didn't live up to his end of the deal, to destroy Qward, and keeps the ring. Lobo vows to get the ring back.

Justice League America #66(Guy rejoins League)

October 1992

Green Lantern #29

Guy Gardner shown as action figure

GUY GARDNER (Later :WARRIOR, Monthly Series, #1-44)

Guy Gardner the series begins, written by Gerard Jones, Art by Joe Staton, Terry Beatty on Inks. Letters by Albert De Guzman, Colors by Anthony Tollin, Editors: Kevin Dooley and assist. Eddie Berganza.

Guy Gardner #1

(October 1992)

Continues from where Guy Gardner: Reborn left off. The first thing Guy Gardner does is declare a "War on Scum" and uses his new ring to destroy some red light district buildings. Later, Superman threatens Guy by pronouncing that the Justice League will take swift action if he continues to abuse his power. A fight almost occurs, but Ice breaks it up by taking Superman's side. Guy leaves quietly to be greeted by his adoring public, and for now, the Guy Ice relationship is over. Soon, Guy signs an agent named Bucky Sharp. Sharp promises Guy fame and fortune. Meanwhile, Superman contacts Hal Jordan. Jordan then contacts the Guardians and convinces them to get Kilowog to take away Guy's ring. At the same time, Buk-50, Thoom and Boom, aliens who got their power from Qwardian power rings, attack Guy. However, Guy's ring runs out of power, and he has no idea how to recharge it.

Justice League America #67(6 panels)

November 1992

#2 Guy Gardner runs from the space baddies who are busy amusing themselves by fighting each other. It seems they aren't too smart. Guy learns that the aliens were hired to pound Guy Gardner until they beat him to a pulp, or he beats them. He's spotted, and rams a bus into the three super powered idiots. The Justice League learns watching the news that Guy's power ring has run out, and are thrilled, and Kilowog goes to take away Guy's ring. Guy convinces Kilowog that since the ring isn't working, there's no point in taking it away from him. Kilowog soon leaves, and the bad guys come back after Guy. The ring, however charges itself up soon after Kilowog leaves, and Guy starts beating up the bad guys 'till they're blue. Guy tries to get his ring to tell him what's up, but the ring doesn't translate into English. The bad guys admit defeat and beam Guy up onto a Palindrordnilap spaceship. They hire Guy to be the leader, enforcer, of their interplanetary security operatives-The Gardners of the Universe!

Justice League America #68

December 1992 #3

(December 1992) Guy tests his ring out on all of his squadron. This issue is renowned for having only 227 letters in the entire issue. Of course, the issue was titled: In Space, no one can hear you fight! ...(oops, I spoiled the whole joke! :)

Justice League America #69(Doomsday)

January 1993 #4

(January 1993) Guy renames the Palindrordnilap space protectors the Gardners of the Universe, and insists that they have to have his style of bowl haircut. He then goes back to earth to revel in his newfound fame. However, a lone gunman shoots Guy while he's powered down, and almost hurts him. But Guy finds him and finds out he was hired by Goldface. Ice shows up and Guy makes a joke about the recently deceased Superman. (Guy is the only Justice Leaguer not wearing an armband of mourning.) Guy then sets out to beat up Goldface.

Justice League America #70(6 panels)

Justice League America #71(30 panels, Ice quits League)

February 1993

* Will Jacobs begins writing out Gerard Jones' plots #5

(February 1993) Guy Gardner uses his ring to cause trouble and track down Goldface.

Justice League America #73,

March 1993 Green Lantern #37

Guy Gardner returns with Sinestro's ring, and takes advantage of a football game promotion giving free tickets to superheroes. Hal Jordan is there too. However, the demon that tormented Guy while in the phantom zone -- Sapol, is using the game to his own end... to feed off the emotions of the people watching the game throughout the world. Guy tries to remember his time in the phantom zone, and goes mad. He and Hal then beat the demon.


(March 1993) Guy and Hal Jordan race to get to Goldface, though at the end, Guy is tricked out of his ring and is powerless.

Justice League America #74(3 panels)

April 1993 #7

(April 1993) After some skirmishes, Guy ends up out "will-powering" Goldface, and gets his ring back. Hal makes a comment about how Guy reminds him of how he once was.

Justice League America #75(10 panels)

May 1993 #8

(May 1993) Lobo returns to get Guy's ring. Guy's ring runs out of power, and Lobo takes it. The Palindrordnilap buy it back for Guy and Lobo leaves with some beer money.

June 1993 * Will Jacobs takes on full writing responsibilities after Gerard Jones Leaves to take on other writing responsibilities.


(June 1993) The Gardners of the Universe take Guy to stop a planetary war. Guy meets up with Green Lantern Boodikka. Everybody but Guy gets mind controlled and Guy has to stop them.

July 1993 #10

(July 1993) Guy uses his ring to cease the mind controlling done by aliens on a planets populace. He then teams up with Boodikka to stop the mind controller's ship from getting away. Guy pays off his debt and quits the Gardners of the Universe. Guy also learns that his ring run's on Green Lantern energy.

Justice League America #78(Could be Guy's clone starting here)

August 1993 * Chuck Dixon begins his run on Guy Gardner with the four part storyline, Yesterday's Sins, as Will Jacobs leaves to pursue other work.

* This begins the BEST storyline of Guy Gardner.


(August 1993) Guy is kidnapped by aliens called the Drall, a hive minded society who are cloning Green Lanterns for an unspecified reason. The Drall chose Guy rather than Hal because his ring was more powerful. The cloning process forces Guy to relive his past over the next four issues. In this issue Guy relives his early childhood where we learn of his brother Mace, and of his alcoholic father's abusive personality. Guy tries to stop the Drall.

Justice League America #79(13 panels)

September 1993 #12

(September 1993) Guy imagines what his clone would be like, and is even more determined to end the cloning process. The Drall force guy to relive more of his past. We learn about Mace's drug addiction and Guy's failed attempts to live up to his brother's legacy. Guy creates a plan to mess around with the Drall's cloning technique, and break out of the Drall dungeon with the help of the trapped Green Lanterns.

Justice League America #80(Definitely Guy's clone taking Guy's place)

October 1993 #13

The Green Lanterns and Guy manage to break free of their prison, but not before the clone is released with Guy's ring, and we learn some more about Guy's past. We find out Mace became a police officer, and that Guy became a punk, breaking into cars, shoplifting, et all. Mace sets Guy straight and Guy goes to college, paying for it by working at fast food restaurants. We learn of his football years at Michigan University, and gets a solid grade average and ends up an undergrad. We then find out about his brother being shot.

Justice League America #81

(16 panels - Clone)

November 1993 #14

Guy holds off his clone for a while, but is sent back to relive some more memories. We learn Mace was a crooked cop, who gets shot and looses control of his lower body. Mace then commits suicide, and Guy leaves home He graduates from college with degrees in psychology and education, a liberal arts major. He gets a job counseling prisoners and later goes on to teach special education kids. Then Guy is in an accident, and Guy Gardner saves him. Then Guy learns about how he was the second choice to be Green Lantern. Eventually he is called to replace Hal, but gets knocked into a coma. We learn of His restoration by the Guardians during CRISIS, and he then joins the Justice League where he meets Ice. He then looses his ring to Hal Jordan, and of his search of a new one from Sinestro's grave. Guy and the Green Lanterns manage to destroy the Drall and gain control of the ship, but the clone escapes to earth with Guy's ring, and it will be a while before the real Guy can catch up to stop him.

Justice League America #82(13 panels - Clone)

December 1993

* Yesterday's Sins ends, Joe Staton leaves to be replaced by Chris Hunter

#15 "The Trouble with Guys, Part 2" Guy tries to stop the replicant from destroying the Justice League and all of NYC, and at the same time get his ring back. He manages to do it with a little help of the Green Lantern's he helped free.

Justice League America #83(25 panels - Clone & real Guy on last page)

January 1994 * Chris Hunter on pencils leaves to be replaced by former inker Mark Tenney, who is replaced on inks by John Strangeland

#16 The introduction of Militia, agent of Quorum, who has a contract to take out Guy Gardner. Also, Guy tries to convince General Glory that his evil duplicate replaced him, but General Glory doesn't believe it and tries to capture Guy.

Justice League America #84 February 1994 * Title of Guy Gardner changes to GUY GARDNER:WARRIOR. Mitch Byrd becomes penciller, Dennis Cramer and Dan Davis on inks, and Stuart Chaifetz does a brilliant job on colors.

#17 Guy goes back home to talk to his father, but he finds out that his father is dead. He spends some time talking with his mother, and leaves to get some air. Eventually Militia tracks Guy down and they start fighting. They fight until both run out of power under an overpass. Guy gets a change in threads.

Justice League America #85(Ice rejoins the League)

March 1994 * Dennis Cramer leaves the Guy Gardner book. Emerald Fallout begins.

#18 Guy's ring overloads and gives Guy a premonition of things to happen to the Green Lantern Corps. Guy can't find a Green Lantern to bum a charge off of, so he borrows some armor from the Justice League that was designed by Kilowog and made by Blue Beetle. He then goes up north to the Arctic Circle to talk to Ice. But Militia shows up and spoils his plans.

Justice League America #86(Tora has increased powers)

April 1994 #19 Militia and Guy battle out in the Arctic. Guy learns Militia is really ... his brother Mace. We learn a little bit about Ice's new powers, and the brawl is almost won by Mace, until Guy's ring becomes incredibly powerful. At the end, Guy beats Mace, and is contacted by Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

May 1994 * Chuck Dixon ends his (IMHO) -great- run and is replaced by Beau Smith.

#20 Guy heads to Oa along with the Justice league and Arisia, or as he put it, "find out who's mindin' smurfville," and finds out what happened to the Green Lanterns, and learns about Parallax killing Kilowog and the Guardians. Parallax then goes after Guy and the Justice League. Everybody is trapped but Guy and Alan Scott.

June 1994 #21 (June 1994)

Alan Scott battles with Parallax, then after he's defeated, Guy goes after him. Guy nearly defeats him, but gets his ring stolen yet again, absorbed by Parallax. He is then sent back to earth by Parallax, powerless.

July 1994 * End of the really really great storyline started by Dixon. Also, Kevin Dooley leaves as Editor. Eddie Berganza becomes editor.

#22 (July 1994)

Guy wakes up from a coma of bad dreams featuring his newest enemy, Dementor, and sets out on a quest for the new powers, the fabled Warrior Waters in the Nabba Jungle might give him. He also fights Nazi's riding Dinosaurs ... (Don't ask me! Beau Smith likes Indiana Jones movies, though they could have been members of the same Nazi leftover force Guy fought along with General Glory)

August 1994 #23 (August 1994)

Guy finds the Warrior Waters, drinks them, and we are told to believe that Guy was meant to be the last Vuldarian Warrior.

September 1994 #24 (October 1994)

Guy, and a bunch of others, go to Coast city's remains to find out what's happening with the universe. There they find Extant, and battle him in various moments in time. Guy also sees a younger version of himself dating Kari Limbo, and actually talks to this past version of Kari. (0 hour issue)

November 1994

Green Lantern #55 [2 panels]

#0 (September 1994)

Guy Gardner finds something out about his new powers, but its not something he (nor some readers) want to hear.

October 1994 #25 (November 1994)

Guy meets Ice's mom, and says goodbye to Ice, who died saving the Justice League. Dementor shows up with Guy's brother and former girlfriend. The Phantom Stranger shows up to help guy save them, and after that's done, the Quorum come back for Mace, and Buck Wargo opens up Warriors, a bar, for Guy Gardner to operate, and for Buck's Monster Hunters to hang out in.

December 1994

* J.R Williams III and Wade Von Grawbadger help on issue 26.

#26 Guy saves President Clinton from the Black Serpent, although that's not something a republican like Guy would be proud of… :) This issue also shows Guy struggling to control his mutation powers.

January 1995

#27 Guy receives a medal for saving Clinton. Sledge, an experiment created for Quorum, is released. Steel and Guy battle Sledge.

February 1995

#28 (January 1995) Major Force kills Guy's mom's cat, and her friend Thelma and stuffs them into the fridge.

March 1995

Green Lantern #60

Major Force kills Guy's brother Mace, Guy kills Major Force (the first time)

#29 (February 1995)

Grand opening of Guy's New York bar, Warriors, with guest shots of almost everyone. At the end, Guy has trouble controlling his powers. Continued in Action Comics #709. Also, two different covers were printed for this issue and Hal Jordan returns to talk to Arisia before going for Kyle's ring in the Green Lantern book.

Justice League America #97(1 panel flashback)

April 1995

#30 (March 1995)

Guy is delusional, and fights Superman, Supergirl, and God knows who else in this issue. Also, aliens are coming after Guy, the last Vuldarian.

June 1995

#31 (April 1995)

Dementor Returns, and messes with the dreams of Arisia and the rest. (not a bad issue) Alan Scott and Supergirl help out.

Justice League America #100(1 panel)

July 1995

ANNUAL #1 (1995) - Guy tries to learn more about his powers, and is told by a mind projection that he is the result of Vuldarian genetic engineering... although its not very believable for a Year One storyline. *


(May 1995)

WOTW-1 Guy kicks the JLA's butt for not telling him about Ice dying while he was searching for powers in the Nabba Jungle. Guy's powers go wonky again due to Tormocks searching for him.

Justice League America #101(1 panel)

August 1995 #33 (June 1995)

WOTW-4 (5,6) Guy is captured by Karine of the Tormocks, who are a race with Vuldarian Genes. The races can interbred and Karine wants Guy's DNA added to the gene pool )

Justice League America #102(last panel)

September 1995 #34 (July 1995)

WOTW-7, finale. The Tormocks are defeated by Guy and the JLA

October 1995

#35 (August 1995)

Guy Gardner frees some former GL's, and fights some baddies. also, Enforcer returns.

November 1995 #36 (September 1995)

Enforcer drops by Guy's bar and tries to take it over, however, some bad guys are trying to ruin his good time. Neron shows up at the end and offers the Guy's clone the power that he wants.

December 1995

Green Lantern #69 (1 panel)

#37 (October 1995)

UNDERWORLD UNLEASHED crossover, Neron shows up and offers Guy Ice and the GL Corps back. All Guy has to do is kill John Stewart...

January 1996

#38 (November 1995)

Guy returns from space, tired as hell. Arisia and Tigerman fight some bad Guys. Martika, the mind controller, shows up as well. Guy gets a haircut.

February 1996

(Guy Gardner:Warrior gets better again around here.. )

#39 (December 1996)

Guy Gardner' s Christmas party, but Guy is too bummed to celebrate. He's creating a memorial to Ice as part of Warriors trophy hall, and feels better after Lobo returns with the skull of a dead Tormock, and the bike Lobo owed him as part of a debt. Guy tells Lobo the beer is free whenever he comes around. Also, a romance is sparked between, of all people, Guy and Fire.

March 1996

#40 (January 1996)

Guy's mom moves into Warriors. Gorilla Grodd shows up in search of a power source Buck Wargo found.

Justice League America #109(11 panels)

April 1996

* Mike Parobeck does a guest spot in issue #41!

#41 (February 1996)

Guy Gardner goes to a toy fair, and has his DNA stolen by Quorum.

May 1996

#42 (March 1996)

Dementor messes with Guy as he turns him into a her.. Gal Gardner... and she's mad. At the end, Gal is turned back into Guy.

June 1996

#43 (April 1996)

Major Force returns, with Guy Gardner' s powers, and kills Arisia. Guy battles all of his old enemies who are being mind controlled by Martika.

July 1996

#44 (May 1996)

Guy is powerless, and tries to stay alive long enough to beat up Major Force for killing Arisia, but Major Force ends up killing Guy, however Guy's DNA has created another heart, and Guy comes back from the dead. He then kills Major Force a second time, because there would be no way to keep him in any jail or rehabilitate him, and he killed Arisia.

The Epilogue shows Parallax showing up at Arisia's funeral. The second Epilogue shows Guy with the bowl cut and power ring, as drawn by Joe Staton, beating up everyone at the DC offices for having his comic cancelled, saying he will be back...

ANNUAL #2 (1996) Legends of the Dead Earth. A retelling of Guy's past from a different viewpoint, A story about mutations, a story about "Gunner" Gardner, Guy's ancestor, and a story about girls with power rings. Also shows Guy to be alive in the distant future, with a daughter named Lumita…

Justice League America #113(1 panel)

August 1996

September 1996

October 1996

November 1996

December 1996

Green Lantern #81

Hal Jordan' s funeral, Guy gives a eulogy for him. Decent writing. (Two versions, one with hologram cover, one cheaper, but with Kyle Rayner on forefront but Guy Gardner behind them all… dumb cover)

January 1997

Green Lantern #82 (4 pages)

Guy reminiscing about Hal Jordan with Alan Scott, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner, for the first few pages. Boring Kyle Rayner story after that, totally unrelated to the first few pages.

February 1997

March 1997

April 1997

May 1997

June 1997

July 1997

August 1997

Green Lantern #89

Kyle Rayner creates a ring image of Guy with Vuldarian powers to help fight against "Machine Messiah"

September 1997

Green Lantern #133

1 panel of Guy talking to Kyle and John about Alex Nero, then 1 page of him in Warrior mode getting ready to fight.

February 2001

Green Lantern #135

Guy helps Kyle and the JLA against Alex Nero- we also see Guy fly.

April 2001

JLA: Our Worlds at War #1

Guy, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle are in Russia fighting against an Imperiex probe. Guy gets impaled, and Booster shouts, "They killed Guy!" Whatever, Booster.

August 2001

Action Comics #789

We see a deformed, scarred, burned monster that looks like something out of a Bernie Wrightson comic that has tattoos and speaks like Guy. He gets mad about how people searched for Bizarro when he died, but no one looked for Guy.

January 2002

If you have any appearances that are missing here, e-mail me below. Big thanks to the amigos over at the One True Guy Gardner Page for 3/4ths of this list.