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Guy's pals, I mean, the people that know Guy

Guy's pals, I mean, people that know Guy

One of the many women from the wrong side of the tracks that has taken an interest in Guy is the princess from Almerac, Maxima. At the end of the Panic in the Sky storyline, Guy said;"If you're looking, Maxie, why not come to my place sometime and see my etchings?" Maxima said; "Perhaps after I have retrieved my warship." We never know if Guy took her up on this offer. However, she's dead, so too bad for Guy.

Here's General Glory, long-time inspiration to Guy. The General and his sidekick, Ernie (whose bowl haircut Guy wore for many years)were in the comics that Guy read as a child. Guy lived in the same apartment with General Glory, aka Joseph Jones, for a while. General Glory died around issue 19 of GGW, while Guy was in space. He died simply of old age. He did, however, pass on his powers to a paralyzed cop named Donovan Wallace. Guy and Wallace have never met, but Wallace was at the opening party of Warrior's (GG:W 29).

John Henry Irons, aka Steel II, is one of Guy's oldest and best friends. He knew Guy back in college when they played football together. Guy supposedly put "Atomic Balm" in Henry's jockstrap the first year. If you want some better info on their relationship, read Guy Gardner: Warrior 27 and Showcase 96' 1 and 2.