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The Warrior Days- Present

Okay. When Guy fought Parallax ( Hal ) in space, he was defeated and his ring was absorbed. He woke up in a hospital whith a patch over his eye. He wanted to be a hero again, wanted more power, so he traveled to the famous " Warrior Waters " in Africa. He drank from them, and they activated his latent Vuldarian genes, which were from a race which had the ability to transform their bodies into weapons. He then returned to America, and opened up a shop, appropriately called Warrior's. He set up shop, along with Buck Wargo, a man who could transform into a man-tiger, Lady Blackhawk, the famous female leader of the Blackhawks, and Veronna, I believe, a African warrior chick who thought she is destined to be with Guy. Arisia, a former GL and Guy's off and on girlfriend, also was a waitress. He fought various menaces during the Warrior run of his book, but due to low sales, unfamiliarality with his Warrior powers, and too many changing artists, Guy Gardner: Warrior was canceled in the summer of 1996 at a time when DC was changing a lot. See more about that in my Comics essay. I honestly hope that DC gives Guy a new series. He deserves it.

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