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The Mission Statement of The Ultimate Guy Gardner Page

The Mission Statement of the Ultimate Guy Gardner Page--

A- To get Guy Gardner, Warrior, back his own comic book, monthly. This will not be appeased by a one-shot, or a special of any kind. We want him to have a run until it's canceled, ongoing comic written by someone with Guy Gardner "experience", i.e., Beau Smith, Will Jacobs, Chuck Dixon, Gerard Jones, Phil Jiminez, etc.

B- To arouse interest in the character that is Guy Gardner, created in 1968, put in comas three times, de-powered four times, had his costume changed more than 10 times, and tried to have been killed off twice.

B/a- To gain a numerous amount of serious, interested comic fans who will take an interest in the character.

C- To earn the respect back for Guy that he never had, instead of treating him like a third-rate character.

In the rare case that Guy Gardner was to get his own comic back, the goals of this page would be to:

1- Help sustain the comic by buying it on a monthly basis or getting a subscription to it;

2- And provide information on Guy Gardner for those who would want to know about him.