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Sending out a Vuldarian SOS

Hey, guys! I know I hve probably said this sometime before, but, well, here it is...


I have probably every image of Guy or his enemy on the 'net, but I don't heve enough! I need pics of Guy as Warrior, Guy fighting Parallax, Major Force, Dementor, Black Serpent, Sledge, Martika, Enforcer, Buck Wargo and The Monster Hunters,Guy's friends in the JLI, etc.

There is one specific issue (I don't know which) of GL or some related comic where Parallax shows up near John Stewart and Guy, and asks where Hal Jordan is. If you guys could give me Guy's appearances from that comic, it'd be great.

People are always tellin' me that my page doesn't have enough images. So, if you can, just send me an e-mail with an image attachment or two.

To send me images, e-mail me at Thanks again.