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Comic Economics

The Rise and Fall

Comics can be mysterious things. Trends, styles- they all come and go, but a few things stay stalwart. So, let's take a look.

1. Humble beginnings

I am going to use DC as a medium, so pay attention. In the late 50's the Flash was being revitalized by Carmine Infatino, and Green Lantern was taking new breath due to one of my favorite artists, Gil Kane. Soon the Atom and Hawkman collectively had their own titles. Even though there was short fluctuations, this idea of around 10 basic comics kept until the late 70's.

2. The Days of Prosperity

In the 80's all the way through the mid- 90's, there were tons of titles that rose and fell in popularity. Here are all the presently canceled comics I know of from DC, or ones that I know are going to be canceled.


Blue Devil

Booster Gold

Captain Atom

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly

Green Lantern: Mosaic

Guy Gardner: Warrior (sniff)



Scare Tactics

The Spectre

Green Arrow


Starman ( Will Payton )

Starman ( Jack Knight )

Hawk and Dove

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt


Batman and the Outsiders

The Outsiders

The Darkstars



Team Titans

The New Titans

Teen Titans

Justice League International

Justice League America

Justice League Europe

Justice League Task Force

Global Guardians

Is that enough? If DC had known in 1980 that all these titles would be canceled, I seriously doubt they would have taken the advertisement campaigns and story turns they did.


Well, in 1996, the Justice League America franchise was dying, DC was cancelling titles left and right, and, well, everything was going to crap. DC tried one last desperate attempt, the Centennial edition comics,certain comics that had reached issue 100 that year, like Superman, Flash, and Justice League America. In the case of JLA, in the 100th issue they reintroduced Guy into the JLA with the "Return of a hero" storyline.

It failed.

But there was a beacon of hope- JLA. Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's JLA. It saved DC. That was the aftermath.

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