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He's BAAaack!!!

He's Back.

The Warrior who was speared and sent to Hell is back and badder than ever.

After defeating Kancer (with the assistance of Superman), Guy left the Gorge (by the way, the monster-like appearance was his alien genes protecting him from the lava)and had his butt handed to him by Guy. Guy then used his new teleportation powers (screw flyin', man--he can 'port anywhere he wants!) to send Supes and him to Aruba, where a chick in a bikini (who looks almost exactly like Rita Muldoon!) serves them drinks. He then tells Clarkie-boy the business--

Wahoo! He's back! Rumors are that he might even be one of several new members in the JLA this summer! Write, e-mail, or contact DC and let 'em know we'd buy a new Guy series!