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Y100 Feztival 2004

The Y100 Music Feztival was held on June 18 2004 and the concert was something I'll never forget. Eventhough it was a 2 hour drive at 9am and I had to sit through a few crappy acts I had a great time thanks to my boys in Hoobastank

Doug forgot the words

But Dan & Markku hold it down


A special duet??? No it's Justin rockin the purple zebra tights in honor of RICO!

Awkward Hooba pics

Dan's a ZOMBIE and Doug is scratchin his crotch

Doug looks like he has a frog in his throat

Dan, did you fart??? Wud ju talkin bout Doug?

Special thanks to the Hooba guys for lettin me through the security bastards! They reassured my love for music and made me believe that not EVERYONE is in it for the money.