Alright.. pictures everyone!
Halloween pictures... crappy webpage

Me, Loretta and Klaudia
Me, and Henry
Crazy Hulks attack Mr. Feigenbaum! (however you spell it)
Bonnie, Annie, Me, Vanessa
Eula... craziness
David White and Song Ey... I love that costume.. they look so freaky
Nick! and Eileen!
Musa, Musa, Musa...
Ed as sexy school girl
Ed doing a very cute pose
Wen, Annie, Me
Eugene on left, David on right. What a pair.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's newest member - Richard Tan!
Diana and Wen! prurty
Erin, laughing at all the wackiness that's going on
Wen doing a pose. KAWAIIII!
Gen looking mysterious... ooooh
Ying Ying.. trying very hard to fix Wen's kimono
Me and Diana. Diana made that costume in 6th (?) grade... so talented
Me and Diana again...
Wow.. Felix.. mad hott
Rebecca Marlin.. Check out the outfit haha..
Me and Ingrid... yuckiness to Ingrid.. haha
Sien and Lisa... ahahhaa!!!!!!!! Poor Lisa >-<
Carol giving me a Chinese greeting.. 'cause I'm "Wong Dai" haha
Jerry with a guitar and Anrina looking gangsta and me... looking very blurry...
Ingrid and Christine who didn't dress up.. very disappointed.
A clip of some of my friends... and stupid Ingrid
Tai's pathetic yet successful attempt to open a fan
very weird looking Stanley
Me and Wen! wheeeee
Although it looks like I'm about to slap Stanley.. I'm not
Wen and Sai Mai Lo! aka Dan Lin
alright... blah!
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