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September 29th, 2002: Just opened up the site. I added comics 1-9, Extra Comics Numbers 1 and 2, and Colin-The Red...uh...Blue Mage to the Character Bios section. Hope you enjoy the site. I'll try to update with comics as much as possible.

September 30-Added Me...Brandon-The Fighter to the Bios Page. Added a Thanks to the Following Page

October 2, 2002: Just added a new extra comic: Extra Number 3-Ben's First Comic to the archives, which shows how beautiful nature is and how much a village idiot can enjoy it

October 11, 2002: Updated the Character Bios Page by adding Michael-The Black Mage on there. New Comic: Magic Tricks are Cool is also up.

October 12, 2002: I've been working on this one for a long time. It's 5 in the morning and I just finished the should be grateful... and so without any further waiting, I present Episode 11-An Offer You Can't Refuse-Brandon

October 20, 2002: I'm really sorry about the lack of updates lately I'll try to start posting more comics soon. New page: The Music page put up which contains various midis I have made based off of my comic. It only has one midi so far: Colin's Victory Theme...but it rocks.

October 24, 2002: Yes I realize I haven't exactly kept my promise with making more comics. I'd like to get on a schedule of where I make at least 3 comics a every other day. Anyways,... New comic!: Episode 12: Lights out just posted up.

October 26, 2002: New comic posted up today Episode 13-A Midnight snack I also posted the 2nd midi on the music page. Shane's Victory Theme...and yes, if you have to ask, Shane DOES like Star Wars....under no circumstances does he like polka...but who cares.

October 31, 2002: Yes...Happy Halloween Indeed...Jon is very scary...look at him! Figured I'd celebrate Halloween with a 3 part comic. I have the 2nd and 3rd in the works but I just posted the 1st: Episode 14-Halloween Special Part 1 up.

November, 1 2002-Posted up Part 2 of the Halloween Special: Episode 15-Halloween Special Part 2 Featuring Megaman and Luigi!...that and Colin getting slaughtered by a giant monster...Heh.-Brandon

November 11-2002-I've noticed that I've been slacking off lately so I now have a schedule that I plan to keep from now on. Here's the deal: I'll make a comic on Monday, one on Thursday, and one during the weekend, 3 comics a week. Anyways, keeping true to my word I FINALLY posted up the 3rd part of the Halloween Special: Halloween Special Part 3...why did it take so long to finally post up the 3rd part you ask?...laziness I guess...-Brandon

November 14, 2002-Well like I said, I promised to keep to my schedule with making comics, and since I'm such a nice guy, I kept my word. Posted up a new comic-Extra #4-Trick or Treat! yes I know this comics a little about 2 weeks but I meant to use this idea around Halloween and forgot about it....anyways enjoy.-Brandon

November 17, 2002-Yes I know I promised an update this weekend but I have an excuse...I FINALLY bought Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2 today so I've been playing that....and for anyone out there that knows even a little about videogames...yes I know it's sad that I JUST bought GTA3.-Brandon

November 24, 2002-Rejoice my fans! I have finally made a new comic! Yes, I said I'd stick to a schedule but, like I said I've been playing Grand Theft Auto 3. Even if it may not seem so, I have a life aside from the computer...even though it mostly has to do with videogames and sleeping. Anyways since my mind is on GTA3 right now, I made a comic that has to do with it: Extra #5-GTA. The story behind this one is, last week around Wed. Colin told me I needed to quit being lazy, stop playing GTA3 for a while and make a comic...although Colin loves videogames as much as I do. So I DID make a comic heh heh heh...who says videogames don't cause violence? By the way, I'm going to start doing polls...a new one every Sunday. Be sure to vote....or face the consequences..-Brandon


December 11,2002-*Looks around* *Clears throat* *COUGH..*...Heh I guess you all deserve an explanation. Something went wrong with the site about 2 weeks ago. For some reason I couldn't open up my Images directory, which is where I upload all the comics to. Anyways, I finally got around to just deleting the site and starting over again. Luckily I had a backup of the site saved. Anyways, the problem is now solved and I will resume making comics. Sorry about all this my loyal fans...heh you know who you are. By the way, I gave Mr. T. his own page because Mr. T rocks...and he pities the fool who thinks otherwise-Brandon

January 19, 2003-Well Jon and Colin both have been pushing me to make a new comic. Don't take this out of context heh it's not like I'm going to make one everyday from now on or anything. I just figured it was about time I DID make one. Lately I've been playing Animal Crossing and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. So since those two awesome games are stuck on my mind right now I figured I had to make a comic about it. I think it turned out really good. (By the way if you've never played Animal Crossing which by the way is the greatest game in the world heh, you probably won't understand the comic at all...just a warning)-Brandon

May 14, 2003 -Not much to say here but I finally made another comic..."Episode 17-Colin's Revenge...Again" is up. Colin once again tries to get revenge...with no success -Brandon

July 23, 2003 Anyone ever played Astonia 3? Its a really great online RPG you can go get at It costs 9.99 per month to play but you get a free 28-day free trial. I recommend checking it out. Anyways, I actually did a comic, which seems to be a rarity these days. Extra #8-To Astonia and Beyond.-Brandon

August 16th, 2003: You know, there are many things in this world that people can't agree on. However, if it's one thing that people CAN agree on, that would be the fact that school sucks. I can safely say that the majority of students probably don't like school. Unless of course they like getting up bright and early and spending almost half of their day doing class work...I guess that's a possibility. Either way, with the start of school for me, I decided to make a comic about it. You know those kind of days where it seems like everything is against you? Well this comic is based on my first day of school. I find out I'm not in anyone I knows' classes, I'm in a lunch where I don't know hardly anyone,...well except Michael..and well...Michael....just read the comic. Extra Comic #9-School Sucks is now up.-Brandon

December 21st, 2003-Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. God Bless.

March 7th-2003: I added a background to each of the pages. I realize it may be hard to read some of the text on a few of them...but I'm working on it. Anyways, a while back someone told me that sprite comics sucked and that real comics were a lot better. The reason? Effort. Yes,. because it obviously doesn't take effort to come up with and make one of these sprite comics... Anyways, that's the basic story behind this comic. I've been working on this for at least an hour and a half now...its 2 in the morning... Extra #10-What if... is now up. Enjoy.

March 9th, 2004-Well the comic has changed for the better of course. After doing the comic I posted the other night (Extra #10-What if...) it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Because of this, the comic is now no longer a sprite comic, but a drawn on. I'm starting over with the same story line but I won't focus so much on the story, but instead with just random today's comic, "Episode 01-Behold! The New Age of Comics!". Hmm...and I'll be keeping those old sprite comics here on the just cant beat some of those old ones.

March 13th, 2004-God these things take a long time to make...I've been working on this comic for at least 5 hours. I started working on it at about 10 PM last night and when I stopped at 2 AM, I only had 3 panels done. Anyways, "Episode 02-He's just Misunderstood" is now up.

April 1st, 2004-Yep...another update. I know these take a long time for me to post up but the way I see it is that even though I may not do as many comics as the other sites...when I do a comic it mostly has a lot more panels than the other web comics do. Like today's comic... Coming in at sixteen panels, Episode 03-The Dating Game is up. ...That's got to be some kind of record for...panels.... -Brandon

April 10th, 2004-Well it's been a busy week...doing stuff. This week was Spring Break for me...and I planned on making more than a few comics over this time. Of course stuff came up...Runescape has been updated and I've spent most of the week playing it. I recommend you go over to and play it...even if you didn't like the first one...heh I didn't. I did manage to do one comic...and its up: Episode 04-"Christmas in April" I hope everyone has a good Easter. -Brandon

April 20th, 2004-Have you ever been walking along, minding your own business when all of the sudden you fall into a deadly trap? You're surrounded by darkness...the walls are closing in around you...the spike-covered ceiling is slowly moving down towards you...Yeah...neither have I... Episode 05-"Another Day, Another Trap" is up. -Brandon

April 25th, 2004-A new record! 25 panels! Not something to be proud of exactly...I've spent almost all day working on this thing. Colin has been complaining recently about us not having any enemies in the comic. Even back in the sprite days, we never once met up with any enemies or had a battle. This one has a few 'firsts' in it....The first battle...The first time Colin gets to use magic...and the first time we're actually outside of the house. (At least other than that hole in the last comic)...Anyways, Episode 06-DootDootDoot-Doo-Doo-DOOT--doot is up... Oh...and in closing...Mario rocks. -Brandon

May 17th, 2004-Ever since the days of old, I've been telling Kyle (one of my friends) that I'd put him in the comic. I tried one time to make a sprite of him, but it didn't look I just gave up. A full 2 years later, Kyle is finally drawn. While he's not actually this new comic, his picture is. So rejoice Kyle fans, your day has finally come...I know you're out there somewhere. Episode 07-The Circle of Life is now up -Brandon

June 28th, 2004-June 28th, 2004-Who doesn't like a good burger? I'm not talking about one of those little tiny Mcdonald's cheeseburgers where you can get two for a dollar (Although those rock...don't get me wrong) I'm talking about a REAL burger...Fresh of the grill....a true American burger. I know I do. Comic #09-'American Made' is now up. (Fact: This is the 1st comic with my remote and TV...I felt like that was important...Remember will probably be on Jeopardy someday.) -Brandon

June 29th, 2004-Wow, two comics in two days...that has to be a record for me. For many years my friend Jamelle has been asking me to put him in my comic. I made a sprite of him a long time ago but I never had any use for it in the comic itself. Finally, a few nights ago, I drew him to be used in the new, drawn comic. I showed it to him about an hour ago expecting him to thank me for a job well done...this however, was not the case. I got a lecture on how it didn't look like him. This new comic had to be made. This is not only Jamelle's debut comic, but his final one as well. Comic #10-'His First and Last Comic' is now up -Brandon

July 10th, 2004-I've actually been thinking about doing this for a long time..and just a while ago I woke up. See, first off I've been off schedule when it comes to sleeping. I wake up at around 5 AM and go to bed at around 6 PM. Now while that may be normal in most people's eyes, it's just...not right. Everyone should stay up at least until 3 AM...I mean come on...Anyways, yeah...I woke up at about 4:30 AM and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to finally do this...that's site now has a Message Board. Now while I highly doubt anymore than 2 people will actually join (that's including me and Jon) I still think it'll be a good place to post updates to comics and stuff.-Brandon

July 13th, 2004-Major changes to the site layout. The comic pages are now all updated to where they have "Next", "Back", and "Home" options, which makes viewing them a lot easier. Also another big change, that I mentioned on my Message Board, is the fact that I redrew the characters and they now all look a lot cleaner than they did before in terms of their outlines. This is the first appearance of Yuffie (FF7), and more special effects than I think I've ever used in one of these comics. I think the flashlight effects turned out really good. This is also the first comic to have the cleaned up drawing style in them..and I'm not even in it...I think that's a first too. Comic #11-"Midnight Rendezvous" is now up.-Brandon

July 21st, 2004-*Sigh* the school year gets ever closer. With only 2 weeks left, I really should devote my time to these comics. Although they take hours of hard work, you get a certain sense of pride from making each one. Anyways, the comic: The last comic: "Midnight Rendezvous" was good, at least in my opinion. Jon mentioned that readers might get the idea that I'm "cheating on Claire". Seeing as how he is at least 1/3 of my usual readers, I took immediate action in solving this problem. The new comic: "Episode 12-"The Truth About Claire" doesn't even have Claire in it, even though I drew a new drawing to use. If anything, this comic proves that the imagination is a very, scary thing-Brandon

September 4, 2004-That's update. As far back as I can remember Jon and Colin have been mortal enemies. Sure, they'll talk to each other, but there's always been a fight brewing deep within the two. I've asked Jon countless times exactly why he hates Colin so much, but it never brings back anything other than "Many things". So seeing as how this comic is based on our real lives...including the fact that we all wear armor and have swords...the feud carries on...I got this idea when reading over a list of RPG Clichés'. You know how sometimes in RPG's you'll come across a trap, and no matter how ridiculously its' set up, the story can't go on unless you fall for it? Comic #13-Watch for Falling...Colin's is now up. -Brandon

December 18th, 2004-Boy, it's been awhile. However, less time should be spent talking about what could and should have been done. Instead, let's talk about Christmas. Ah Christmas, truly the greatest time of year. A time for coming together with family and friends. A time where all the troubles in the world simply fade away from existence. Yeah, this comic has nothing to do with any of that. I've wanted to do an Animal Crossing comic for a really long time, and after exactly two years after buying the game, I finally did one. Comic #14-A Crossing of Animals is up. Part one of a three part of the only times the comic has directly continued from the last. That is, once I make the other two...don't wait up for those.-Brandon

December 19th, 2004-Yep another comic...and one day after the last, no less. I decided if I'd actually start on a comic seriously, that I'd finish...and indeed I did. In the end, it took about five hours to finish, but it was worth it...this one rocks. This is the second part of the Animal Crossing trilogy, and the third will be coming around eventually. Comic #15-The Ol' Fishing Hold is now up. And so my fans, I leave you with this bit of advice: Never lend otherworldly demons anything....ever. Good advice indeed... -Brandon

December 22nd, 2004-The 3rd Animal Crossing comic is well under way, but still won't be up for awhile. In the meantime, while all you comic-hungry fans are no doubt sitting on the edge of your seat for that one, take a break and check out Colin's comic. Yes, a guest being lazy at its' best. I gave my character sheet to Colin, and through the art of copy and paste (That's how to the pros do it...I know I do...and I'm a pro, obviously) we have a kickass comic. I do believe I'll let Colin take the rest of this update...since it is his comic...-Brandon

Well first off, we got ourselves Kyle in his first premier comic all about him. Indeed this is his moment of glory and the highest achievement he has ever gained. "Yehar! Me Boat" is up. Next, I've noticed there are some unanswered questions as to what happened in between the time of when Claire broke up with Brandon and when Brandon met Yuffie, so... here's part one of that explanation. "Brandon's what?!?!" is up.-Colin

December 23rd, 2004-Ol' comic #16-"A Job Well Done" is now up, which brings a close to the Animal Crossing saga. Not much to say about this one. Three drawn comics in a week...I do believe that's a record for me. This whole...making comics should indeed be kept up. Colin's recently created guest comic, sadly didn't even last as the Latest Comic for a whole day before this one came along and bumped it down a place. Shame, that. I'm sure Colin will be very...very sad. Yep...not much to say indeed....Just go read the damn comic. -Brandon

December 25th, 2004-Another guest comic it seems. This time however, from he did this one right. Not to say Colin's comic wasn't good of course, but see, if people just use the drawings I've done, it defeats the whole purpose of it being their guest comic. The thing that's great about guest comics is the fact that they're the same characters just drawn a little differently. Jon took a shot at drawing the characters...heh, except his own character...apparently it wouldn't come out right. Anyways it's about that time for me to stop talking and for him to begin. Yep...right now...-Brandon

Yep a comic. I drew this one.... save for one person. Yeah I know Al doesn't look like Al but I can't draw well so piss off. I hope you understand what's happening to Colin at the end. If you are smart you will. Only a dumb person would say they don't and yeah, that's me off panel at the end.-Jon

J4nu4ry 02, 2005-H4ppy N3w Y34r, f1rst 0ff. S3c0nd, C0l1n's m4d3 4n0th3r gu3st c0m1c, th1s 0n3 f0ll0w1ng th3 d3s1gn 0f tw0 c0m1cs 1 m4d3 4 wh1l3 b4ck 4ll d0n3 1n L33t. G00d t1m3s 1nd33d...-Br4nd0n

First off, I would like to say that I prefer NOT to create my own sprites. I'm too much of a perfectionist for that. Luckily, I was in a good mood to create this... this masterpiece. This comic is one of great treasure, impressive speeches, and gruesome violence, thereby it is truly for all ages. I can't promise that I'll do another comic in this style again, In fact, my laziness would propel me to Brandon's sprite sheet. Then again... You never know... "Teh Orborzzz!11!1" is up.

July 15th, 2005 Quite a few changes around the site in the past couple of days. First off, I completely redid the entire look of the site, and hopefully now it's a little easier to navigate. I'm sure any actual fans of the comic I had in the past have long since died out from various plagues and diseases. Despite all of this, for a long time, have been trying to perfect my drawing skills when it comes to this comic. I wanted to be able to start actually drawing this comic by hand, inking and all. However, even though I can draw the comic characters somewhat now, I decided in the end to just stick with what I've done for a long time now and do it by computer. I just redid the characters to match the drawing style I was using, so in the end it looks a lot like my drawings did in the first place.
There actually is a new comic up. I'm sure at some point or another in anyone's life, they come across a situation such as this. ...Maybe not quite like this, but close. Countless times I've been stuck in a room with someone for a long period of time only to exchange a word or two with them the whole time. Awkward moments like this seem to make up a large percentage of the new job I got about a month ago. I had to start working the ol' 9 to 5, Mondays through Fridays and mostly there are older people working the early shift with me. Mostly I don't say much to them except the occasional "Morning" or "Hey". There's been times where I'd be doing something and one of the older workers would come up: "How are you today?", and I'd say "Pretty good". What makes crap like this so bad is the fact that the people don't leave afterwards. I ask you this: What exactly is there to talk about with these people? "How about those hamburgers, eh?", with a nudge of the shoulder? Regardless, Comic #17-Going Up? is up now. Might be wise to read it, who knows how long it'll be before another update like this?

August 3rd, 2005
I suppose you're here for the witty banter and the intelligent comments. Of course, as we all know, there's no need for such things when there's a comic to be read. That's right, 6 whole panels.

...You might want it a couple of times or something.
Comic #18-A Prize in Every Box is now up. -Brandon

August 6th, 2005
Guess what? It's that time again. Yes, it's time once again to churn out yet another guest comic, this one from Jon. Now, if you're like me, you've never read "The Watchmen", which is a comic book by Alan Moore. It's not that I have any doubt that this comic is great, but time being a big issue, what with me incredibly busy life of playing videogames religiously and watching the ol' boob tube, I never have took the time to read through it. The comic itself, cleverly titled "A Vigilante Expresses His Feelings Toward Compulsory Retirement", has some references from the actual Watchmen comic, which, I might add, I wouldn't have gotten myself had Jon not explained the comic to me a couple of days ago. The comic can be enjoyed without this knowledge of course, however I doubt one will get the small references thrown in there. I won't go into detail explaining this stuff though seeing as how I don't really understand it all myself.

Now this is, obviously, an incredibly long title, and for that very reason, Jon came up with an abbreviation (AVEHFTCR). However, with an abbreviation that long, there's no possible way one could remotely remember it.

Therefore, the only thing left to do is to have a helpful anagram to remember the abbreviation itself, just so you can, if you have a particularly good memory, remember that title. I personally recommend

"A Very Enormous Hungarian Feeds Ten Children Rabbits".

...Alright, so that doesn't help anything at all..

"A Vigilante Expresses His Feelings Toward Compulsory Retirement": By Jon

I've said things about AVEHFTCR and there is stuff to be said about this comic. Maybe one day I'll say things about AVEHFTCR. I don't see how its any of your business but I will say something... This is a long title. One day i hope to give a comic a much longer name and for no reason. Maybe something like "This is a comic with a really really really really really long title... in fact its longer than the other one I made with a long title. That's right! Longer than that." -Jon

August 14th, 2005 You know what there's just not enough of? Jon and Colin comics. In fact, I'm almost positive I've never made one, single comic with just the both of them. So with that, I take a step back from the comic world, and allow the two of them

Comic #19 - The Finishing Touch


October 2nd, 2005

Remember the good old days of adventure? Aye, the days of sprites. Most people wouldn't know of said times seeing as how I no longer have the sprite comics uploaded to the site, but of course since the only visitors we ever get are from people I know, I highly doubt this is a serious problem that deserves my attention. 

Back in the days of sprites, me and Colin had a set path we were on. Going on an epic quest to defeat the ultimate evil and to bring peace back to the world. Ah, but over the years we've eased off of that. Of course there are quite a few story elements that won't be taking place that were originally going to back in the 8-bit days. (See the message board post) 

Despite all of this, I think it's about time we started back up the quest. It'll be nice to have a little...plot for a change.

Comic #20 - The Good Old Days


March 21st, 2006

"What's this?", you're no doubt asking yourself. A faint glimmer of hope? Light in the otherwise desolate wasteland I like to call "VGComics"?

Heh,... no.

Not to say, of course, that such a title couldn't easily be changed if I were to happen across some of that..."initiative" I've heard so many good things about.  Despite my own laziness, it seems Jon has built up the drive to make a comic. In fact, he made this sometime back, but it wasn't until tonight that I finally decided to do the update. "Matters of the Heart", at least the general idea, was actually one that we came up with  long ago, but of course as with many other ideas, I never got around to making it myself....and probably never would've.

...And with that it would appear that my work here is done.

"Matters of the Heart" by Jon


Yeah, I have a lot to say about this comic....-Jon