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March 21st, 2006

"What's this?", you're no doubt asking yourself. A faint glimmer of hope? Light in the otherwise desolate wasteland I like to call "VGComics"?

Heh,... no.

Not to say, of course, that such a title couldn't easily be changed if I were to happen across some of that..."initiative" I've heard so many good things about.  Despite my own laziness, it seems Jon has built up the drive to make a comic. In fact, he made this sometime back, but it wasn't until tonight that I finally decided to do the update. "Matters of the Heart", at least the general idea, was actually one that we came up with  long ago, but of course as with many other ideas, I never got around to making it myself....and probably never would've.

...And with that it would appear that my work here is done.

Matters of the Heart - by Jon


Yeah, I have a lot to say about this comic....-Jon

October 2nd, 2005

Remember the good old days of adventure? Aye, the days of sprites. Most people wouldn't know of said times seeing as how I no longer have the sprite comics uploaded to the site, but of course since the only visitors we ever get are from people I know, I highly doubt this is a serious problem that deserves my attention. 

Back in the days of sprites, me and Colin had a set path we were on. Going on an epic quest to defeat the ultimate evil and to bring peace back to the world. Ah, but over the years we've eased off of that. Of course there are quite a few story elements that won't be taking place that were originally going to back in the 8-bit days. (See the message board post) 

Despite all of this, I think it's about time we started back up the quest. It'll be nice to have a little...plot for a change.

Comic #20 - The Good Old Days


August 14th, 2005

You know what there's just not enough of? Jon and Colin comics. In fact, I'm almost positive I've never made one, single comic with just the both of them. So with that, I take a step back from the comic world, and allow the two of them

"Comic #19 - The Finishing Touch