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Golden Arrow Bio

A Modern Hero of the West


When World War II was about to happen, professor Paul Parsons was testing a nonflammable gas that would revolutionize the balloon trips totally... he invites to this trip to his wife, Florian and his one year old son, Roger to go with him.

But someone has been following his progresses, and greed has taken over his mind. Following the unsuspecting professor into the badlands, Brand Braddock shots down the balloon and everyone, except Roger, die. Before Braddock arrives to the site of the accident, Roger is taken by a lion, before the baby is eaten by the hunger beast, prospector Nugget Ned shoots it and takes the little boy to his home.

He had a moderate success

Nugget Ned has listened everything at the crash site, and quickly puts two and two together realizing that, in order for the little boy to survive, his existence must remain a secret, since Braddock seems to be a psychopath.

Growing on the west wild lands, Roger becomes quite an extraordinary man, able to fight against bears, faster than the antelopes, 9 years later, his sight is the most extraordinary of his gifts, sharper than an eagle's, along with his ability to use the bow and the arrow. Ned finds gold as ore, but, since he do not has how to use it, he thinks it's a good idea to make his arrows using the gold, thus, the name of Golden Arrow. His abilities are so great, that he can decapitate an snake at 100 yards.

The years passed and Roger becomes a man. Then, tragedy strikes his life, when Ned suffers a heart attack that kills him, but before he dies, Ned tells the young man the true behind his origin, about his parents and Braddock.

Roger swears vengeance, and along with his stallion, White Wind, Roger achieves his goal, punishing Braddock and getting the formula back, giving it freely to the US Government saying "I think my father would have wanted me to do that". The formula wasn't public by then, because Braddock was waiting for a new war to happen so he could get more money for it. After this, Golden Arrow decides to fight injustice with all his incredible abilities.

Golden Arrow has not appeared in any post-Crisis story.

Fighter for Justice!

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