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Captain Midnight Bio

Hero of two World Wars!


12 o'clock, at Midnight, the German fiend Ivan Shark would carry out a terrible mission that would hurt the world. During the World War I, Captain Albright, is assigned with the mission of stopping the German villain, which he successfully achieves. The hour and the heroic adventure grant him the name of Captain Midnight.

But Ivan Shark returns, now as a Nazi, on the wake of World War II, almost in time for the imminent retirement of Captain Albright, but once more, he's called to duty and he reports back to take command of the government's Secret Squadrons, an world wide secret forces of the US, which are under his direct orders.

In so, SQ-1, his code name at the Secret Squadrons, and who, by the way, reports to Major Steel, Captain Midnight is helped in his quest against the Nazi menace by Chuck Ramsey (SQ-2), Joyce Ryan (SQ-3) and the mechanic Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd (SQ-4).

He was armed by a sophisticated array of devices such as the 'gliderchute', that was an expanse of red clot under his arms, and that was attached to him from his wrist to thigh, this made him 'glide'; a "Doom Beam Torch" that generates infrared heat rays; a belt transmitter with an wide range of communications; a code-o-graph for deciphering top-secret instructions; "Swing Spring", a compact packet containing 200 feet of steel line (his belt included also wire and a hook), Blackout Pellets; some knives, etc. He also used his Beechcraft airplane masterfully. Also, as a great inventor, he added new secret weapons constantly to his arsenal.

Captain Midnight was published originally, by Dell in 1941 through 1942, but Fawcett took over until 1948. Fawcett changed his origin, making him a crimefighter after his success at the World War I, becoming later, an inventor before getting back to action during the World War II.

He has appeared on comic strips, television and movie serials, but there hasn't been any post-Crisis apparition of Captain Midnight, so, his final destiny remains unknown.

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