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1963. Published 1993 by Image Comics. (c) Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, Dave Gibbons et al



some great images
Unfortunately the only ones I have so far are
Snakes and Ladders
Angel Passage

Books about Alan Moore

Distributed in the USA by Topshelf Comics

contains a chapter entitled America's Best Comics: Tracing the (Re)Visionary Company

  • Eddie Campbell's Egomania #2 (Dec 2002)
  • How To Read Superhero Comics and Why by Geoff Klock
  • "I have to live with this guy!" by Blake Bell (Sep 2002) pgs. 148-163
  • Kimota the Miracleman Companion by George Khoury (Sep 2001)
  • The Pocket Essential Alan Moore by Lance Parkin (2001)


    titles that I wish I had but are too expensive or hard to find copies of
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