taken from
Books 1-4

  1. A small voice please in the desert,
    A dread shadow laughs in the city,
    A desperate student writes the truth.
  2. A new champion arises,
    A demonic threat is dispatched,
    A deadly battle is joined.
  3. A mentor lies wounded,
    A friend lost, endangered,
    A new world is unveiled.
  4. An old epic is illuminated,
    A sly mage encountered,
    A search for answers begins.
  5. A past Promethea arrives,
    A symbolic landscape explored,
    A spiritual journey continues.
  6. A wry warrior to the rescue,
    A young woman lies dreaming,
    An ominous company gathers
  7. A girl dreams – romantic pictures and earthly themes.
  8. A sleeper wakes, empowering friends as battle breaks.
  9. A plot fails, before her anger the Temple quails
  10. With naught to hide, Promethea’s learning moves inside.
  11. Can magic’s might quell temporal threats this night?
  12. Deeper questions have divined a mystic theatre of the mind.
  13. A friend is brought into the magic,
    A mystic pathway is explained, A perilous journey is begun.
  14. A moonlit path crosses the water,
    A friend is found deep in conversation,
    A fabulous company is encountered.
  15. Another Promethea takes the stage,
    A splendourous path turns back on itself,
    A mercurial figure explains the game.
  16. An ocean of emotions is plunged into,
    A memory of motherhood is explored,
    And new realizations flow forth.
  17. A golden dawn is quietly revealed,
    A guardian angel joins the quest,
    And deep sacrifices are observed.
  18. A warrior encounters hosts of demons,
    An outburst of anger emperils the quest,
    And an anceint king explains himself.
  19. A friendship grows deeper,
    A quest moves into the blue,
    And fathers are discovered.
  20. A leap into the unknown,
    A nightmare made real,
    An eldritch abyss.
  21. A mass murderer resurfaces,
    A realm of mages is explored,
    And Promethea’s essence revealed.
  22. Two investigations continue,
    A gray area comes into focus,
    And a lost paradise is regained.
  23. A golden pinnacle is reached,
    A new understanding is gained,
    And a long quest comes to an end.
  24. A goddess is torn between friends,
    A battle for control has consequences,
    And a new reality sinks in.
  25. A trial moves to a higher plane,
    A pair of investigators close in,
    And harsh justice is meted out.