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"That "cliff" drawing of Promethea on that website was piece I did for the owner of that site. I did that back when I still had time for extra stuff that I could squeeze in for fans." - JHW3

4color heroes
Alan Moore Store

4th Rail Issue Reviews

11th Hour Review Book 1

ABC Fan Page in German


Alan Moore's Glory interview about Glory entitled Mythic Proportions
Alan Moore Portal
Al Rio Art Al drew the picture of Promethea at the bottom of this page.
Bob's Comics Reviews (Feb 2003)
Comic Characters Database on Promethea
Short Reviews of some Issues from Comics International
Comixtreme Promethea Thread started by Craig Reade
Continuity Pages
Egomania #2 from Eddie Campbell. Available in the USA from Topshelf Productions
Goddess of the Month Promethea was chosen in September 2003 Spanish site with information about Promethea and a link to my site
Interior art and some commentary
Interview done by yours truly for a Brazilian Alan Moore fansite
JHW3 Interview from Slush Factory
Lard Biscuit Achievement Awards 2001 Promethea wins best comic
Lard Biscuit Achievement Awards 2002 Ditto
Making Magic: an interview with JHW3 about Promethea made at
Mile High Comics - all the covers, plot synopses and some internal art for the first 24 issues can be found here. Just Click on the DC Comics Logo scroll down and click on America's Best then scroll down and click On PROMETHEA [Backissue]
Ninth Art - negative review by Paul O'Brien
Original Artwork Issue #15 Here is the original artwork for #15 before it was colored
Paradise Bar and Grill Promethea makes her debut at Suffering Sapphos' website. The story is called To the Heart of Halloween!
Another Paradise Bar and Grill story the Unnamed Issue #3
Pop Matters Review of Book One
Practical Magic Interview with JHW3 at Ninth where he first revealed there would only be 32 Promethea issues
Rambles Review of Book 1
Rambles Review of Book 2
Promethea before Swine from the Barbelith Underground
Reader reviews of Book 1
Review of Vol 1 by Cosmic Nerd Girl
Review of Issue #1 from the Mad Review
Review of Vol 1 from Rational Magic
Cast of characters & reviews Issues 1-10
Review of Book 1 from Pop Matters
Robotfist Review of Book 1
Shotgun Review of Books 1 & 2
small review & covers issues #4-17
Strange Horizons review
Suffering Sappho's Promethea Webpage places Promethea as one of the best comics of 2002. Comes out #9 of top 10. review of Promethea
Wikipedia entry for Promethea
JH Williams Interview

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