Essays about Promethea

If anyone would like to contribute an essay on Promethea or knows of one not listed here please send it to Eroom Nala

The Essay Competition with Prizes closed on the 30th August, 2003 but if you would still like to contribute an essay of some kind I will send you a copy of Alan's introduction to From Hell, the Compleat Scripts

The winners of the Essay Competition finished on August 30th, 2003 were

1st Prize Andrew Friendenthal for his entry
Journey to the Centre of the Kabbalah

2nd Prize Brian for his University Thesis
Promethea and Metafiction Promethea and Metafiction

3rd Prize shared between
Christine Hoff Kraemer for her entry
Promethea: Comics as Spiritual Tool
Philip Graves for his entry
The Characters of Promethea, Unbound

There were 10 entries received in my Promethea competition. The consolation NoPrize Prizes for each are as follows

  1. Promethea Waiting for the Paperback by Luis Veiga Figueiredo
  2. Promethea: Bound for a Brave New World also by Philip Graves
  3. My Comic Book Obsession: PROMETHEA by Craig Klotz
    Most obsessive entry
  4. Flickering Reality by The Despoiler submitted
    Best Looking entry plus also
    Best coincidence shared with John Traugers' entry
  5. Holy Socks! It's Promethea! by James Dirig
    Funniest entry
  6. Promethea - An Appreciation by Jason Lyte. Warning contains swearing and is more about the author than about Promethea
    Silliest entry
  7. Promethea by Kiat Han Ng
  8. Promethea and the Fourth Wall by David Stewart
    Shortest/Fastest/First/only disqualified entry for breaking the 1,000 word minimum rule.
  9. Promethea and the Matrix Reloaded by John Trauger. WARNING - Don't read this if you haven't seen the film.
    Best coincidence shared with the Despoilers' entry
  10. Promethea in ... A story is born by Monte Williams
    Nicest Entry