Disclaimer: I only read Promethea in collected editions, and therefore I havenít read the latest several issues. For all I know, this story contradicts a whole lot of recent continuity. Or, on the other hand, perhaps this idea has already been addressed by Moore, in which case my story is not contradictory, but redundant.

But for the record, it takes place sometime after Book III, after Sophie has (presumably) safely returned from her fantastic odyssey, and things are more or less calm, both for her and for Stacia.

The entire piece is done in dialogue, not to be gimmicky but just because thatís the way it fell outta me. It was the only What If? idea that was exciting enough to prompt me to pick up a pen, and in fact I got the idea, appropriately enough, from a dream. (I am dreaming of a comic book character: I am officially a Geek.)

And the source of the dream was no doubt the exciting news my wife and I received a few days ago. But I donít need to explain any further. Just read on...

P.S. Two further disclaimers:

ONE) I just read on your site that Book IV is out. So Iíll naturally buy it ASAP, but the above disclaimer re: continuity still stands, as I am currently broke and thus wonít manage to buy Book IV until after the deadline has passed.

TWO) I hadnít read the rules in a long time, and it was only after finishing this piece that I went back to your site for the first time in weeks and was reminded that all entries must be at least 1,000 words long. Alas, mine is merely half that. And I have no intentions of padding it just to meet the requirement, sensible though said requirement might be. So I guess Iím out of the running. Pity. Oh well, I am going to send it anyway, Ďcause here Iíve written it and if I donít share it with you then who the hell can I share it with? Itís kind of an obscure, in-jokey lilí yarn, after all. Hope you like it, in spite of its failure to meet the requirements.

Now then, the story:


Promethea in... A Story is Born
Monte Williams

"I know."
"Just... wow."
"Yeah. Tell me about it."
"This is so... so big! Oh god, look at me! Iím crying... oh, Iím so happy for you... wait. Are- are you happy for you?"
"Heh, yeah... I guess. But Iím scared, too. You know?"
"Well, sure. Of course. But wait... Iím confused... I didnít think this could happen to a lesbian."
"Skank! You know... youíre not really showing yet."
"So when did you find out?"
"Um. Three days ago."
"And you didnít tell me sooner?"
"Well, I had to figure some stuff out first."
"Well, yeah. After all, Daddy could be anyone within a hundred mile radius."
"Shut up!"
"Seriously, though, is it... Jack?"
"Eew. So youíre gonna have, like, a creepy little hippie kid? Should I buy you some hemp diapers or something? Hey, wait. What about that Ďtowtruckí stuff to Ďprevent climaxí?"
"Tantric, dumbass, not towtruck... and I donít know. I donít know if he lied and did it on purpose, or...? Thatís one of three things I havenít figured out yet."
"Are you going to... you know?"
"Keep it? Well, thatís one of the other things I havenít figured out yet. I mean, yeah, I want to, but then... well, I want to find something out first."
"Well, obviously I have to find Jack and talk to him. That should take care of one of the mysteries. And the second mystery is, should I keep it? I mean, look at what my life has become. How dangerous it is? What are the odds that I wouldnít lose it, you know?"
"But whatís the third mystery? What do you have to find out before you decide if youíre gonna keep it?"
"Well, I havenít... you know... changed. Not since I found out."
"Oh. Ohhhh! Oh man."
"Do you think she-?"
"I donít know! I mean, probably. After all, I was her when I was with Jack. If anything, Iíd figure it could happen to her and not to me, so since it has happened to me, chances are... But thereís a hundred other things to consider, too. Will it be born here, or in her world? Or both, maybe? And will she be... you know? Like me?"
"Wait. ĎSheí? You already know?!"
"No. Something just tells me... I mean, I kind of assume that it would be a girl. You know, it would just make sense."
"But thatís only if Promethea is also..."
"So. When are you going to find out?"
"Today. Right now."
"Aw... you waited for me!"
"Well, I knew youíd bitch me out for not telling you sooner. I thought this might shut you up."
"Bitch... listen, Iíll go to Jack after. But I really have to know this before I deal with him or... or with anything else."
"Sure. Hey, is there anything I can do?"
"Two things."
"Name Ďem."
"Give me a hug. And give me my pen."