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I doubt whether this site will ever win any awards so I'm going to invent a few of my own for people who help contribute to this site. If anyone can think of any other awards I could give out please let me know.

Most Contributions Award: The winner so far is Thomas Lautwein.

Most Interesting Annotation Award: No nominations for this one yet.

Nitpickers Award This award goes to the person who finds the least important mistake in the Promethea series. Mistakes can be visual or information.
So far the clear winner is Gabriel McCann for his observation that Stacia's surname somehow changes from Van de Veer to Vanderveer.

What's in a Name Award formerly known as the Free Acknowledgements Award was won by Peter Karpas for guessing where my name originates.

Eisner Awards this is actually a real award which the Promethea series has won. In 2001 Issue #10 (Sex, Stars and Serpents) won the best single issue award. Other than that Alan Moore has won a few times as best writer (Promethea being one of many he wrote) and in 2002 Todd Klein won for best lettering (various titles including Promethea)

Harvey Awards Another actually real award. In 2001 Alan Moore won as best writer for Promethea

Squiddies: Another actually real award.
These annual awards are given by the participants in rec.arts.comics
In 2002 J H Williams III won as best penciller/artist, Todd Klein won as best letterer and the entire creative team of Moore/Williams/Gray/Cox/Klein came equal first for Best Creative Team. Previous Awards include Alan Moore as best writer in 1987, 1989 and 2000
Best Creative Team for Moore/Williams/Gray in 2000
Todd Klein as best letterer for 1993-1995 and 1999, 2000
and America's Best Comics as Best Publishing Company/Imprint in 1999
A List of all the winners can be found here